Able Danger - Hearing the Truth?

Silly me...

Here is my take on the hearings. As I suspected - sanitized questions. Stay with me, I'll explain.

But before that, one thing got my goat. Cynthia McKinney asking questions? How in the hell does that moonbat get on such an important committee?

Anyway, I didn't hear anything today (although some minor points others have noted I find 'difficult' at this point), I haven't heard up to this point. Although I do have privy to some information I can't get into yet (there is a reason I'm anonymouse...). But what I did hear seemed disjointed a bit, and Weldon is still coming off, well a little "off". He's got the facts down, but he keeps jumping around and yelling.

I know he's frustrated, but he has to get rid of the "emotional" preaching of Able Danger's gospel. It's not going to sell in the Beltway where he needs the support. He needs to keep plugging away, but there are forces already out to shut him up. But trust me, I'm told that as far as senior leadership is concerned the word is "give him a lollipop and pacify him for a while" - thus hearings to "shut him up". If Weldon needs "Stately Attention" to this, he needs to be Stately.

I'm sorry, but those who have worked this game for a while will tell you the same thing. Nothing goes through the Vine that the Vinedresser doesn't allow, and "manners count". It sounds like a sellout, but this 230 year old system will flush you like a t-d if you don't play the game.

Like I said from the beginning (and I was beginning to believe that just "maybe"), this might be as far as this gets - hearings, with moonbats like McKinney lending NO credence to this whatsoever, and quite frankly doing the opposite.

Let me put it this way pundits for the most part only know a quarter of the story - nuff said. There is much more and we'll get into it in due time. I'm willing to see just how far this is allowed to go.

Just a note, do readShaffer's written testimony compelling. Although it seems - well, coached, it lays out some facts and brings up more questions. And again, for Col. Shaffer, lose the persecution complex - no matter how justified. Just lay out the facts of the operation as you know them. Playing the martyr is simply going to throw this fight into the crapper.

I believe the guy is doing what he feels is his duty, but again, there is much more to this story. It's not going to all come out now - it may not ever come out completely, but the only chance is to "play the game" according to the "board rules".

Like it or not, believe it or not, that is the way it is.