Tuesday, February 07, 2006


No Class - Kings Low

What would you expect from the ill-informed, and ignorant except that they are ill-informed and ignorant.

Now we know they have no class as well.

King would have nothing to do with these characters and would recognize the Clinton's for the opportunistic frauds they are.

You see the deranged have no presence of mind to know where they are at any given time. Such as Paul Wellstone’s funeral where they thought they were at a convention "Win one for Paul!"

I won't get into Carter - he's beyond help and redemption at this point in my book.

(Hey Jimmy, light one for Fidel will ya!).

Notice that you never saw at anytime or anywhere a former US Republican President speak in distain against a sitting President - not once. Nuff said. Something Bill and Hillary will never figure out because they are rebrobate, is that character is what you are in the dark. Fact is that their lack of character is always displayed in the light. Moreover, they glorify in it.

God save us from the parasites such as Jessie Jackson (who danced on King's grave), as well as the Clintons who will do anything and say anything to get and maintain power. Even arrange for the murder of a gabby Cabinet member and then go to his funeral to laugh about it.

Coretta deserved better than these cockroaches.

UPDATE: Predictable - "It's Bush's Fault". Clueless. Again, "Who said 'amen" to the water cannons"?


UPDATE II: Quote from Rush Limbaugh today, "George W. Bush is a classy gentleman. He doesn't care what these people say about him at Coretta Scott King's funeral because he knows that they're the ones that look very small and petty. It's not affecting people's perception of him."

Exactly the point - Character - something these clowns can't comprehend. Whether it's giving up our National Security Secrets or undermining our ability to protect ourselves, the left has made it's true colors known and come 2006 and 2008 the Country will remember as well.

UPDATE III: Yep Clueless! You know that they know they're screwed when they try the Blame Gaming to reverse their Shaming.

UPDATE IV: More of the same idiocy. This time from the WAPO Eugene Robinson commenting to questions during a live chat.

"Glenview, Ill., transplant from New Orleans: Isn't it extremely hypocritical for Bush 43 to turn up at Mrs. King's funeral? I hope it doesn't delude my black brothers and sisters into thinking that he actually cares about them.

Eugene Robinson: I think that in light of all the questions raised about the president's concern (or lack thereof) for African Americans, he couldn't possibly have missed this funeral. I notice that he even made reference to an old Gospel song (Leaning on the Everlasting Arm). But in terms of fitting in at a black Baptist church, he's no Clinton..."

Wtf?....Oh yeah, "First black President Clinton" Yuk! I forgot

I'll forget the dumbassed remark about "Bush hates blacks". Hell, at least he didn't leave them to drown like the "Brother Ray" did.

Moving on....

"Alexandria, Va.: Of COURSE they're being political... Jimmy Carter spoke about the "illegal wiretapping of Americans" and of the "color of the faces of the Katrina victims". It was a direct attack on President Bush, who was SITTING RIGHT BEHIND HIM. Totally inappropriate for a funeral.

Eugene Robinson: I suspect that those are things Mrs. King would have wanted someone to say."

No Eugene, that's the point. He respected leaders (a Christian duty), while speaking his mind. But he would have not have spoken in such a disrepectful and inappropriate and quite frankly political manner as these charlatans did. He would have recognized none of them.

More at Michelle Malkin I agree with Matt at Blogs for Bush, Hillary can kiss her run for President goodbye. Also at GOP Bloggers.

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