Able Danger - Hearings are ON!

Per Able Danger Blog - the long awaited hearings on ON!

I agree with Mark. This is huge and let's hope it's not the hop-scotched dog and pony show it was last year. Although my information confirms what Rory O'Connor says:

"After intense staff negotiations, it was finally decided that a portion of the Armed Services Committee hearing will be open, but that subsequent discussion of classified aspects of the Able Danger program will move into a closed session."

"Intense" is a real conservative way of putting things. Actually it's been a real tug of war between Spector's committee and the Pentagon. I've have it though on good ground there will still be somewhat limiting testimony from some of the witnesses, and that many of the questions will be "pre-submitted" to screen for secure purposes. I'm afraid that whatever the questions they won't come close to what Rory's asking for. But let's see what happens. In any case the story is coming back to the front and thats a positive.