Able Danger - Update

AJ Strata notes the conference call with Mark Zaid, the attorney for Ltc. Anthony Schaffer that occured. I was invited to participate, but was unable to. However, reading everyone's take it didn't look like anything new was discovered, but the one thing that was inforced is what I've been saying for a while.

That is that the lid is on Able Danger, and I'm afraid it's mostly likey never to come off.

One thing for sure, the MSM is NEVER to grasp this story - at least not in the way bloggers have. However on the Governmental side, the story is "ancient history" as one higher up told me. Quote: "We're not talking about yesterday anymore".

Put it this way, whatever may have happened to Able Danger - it's dead and buried so far as those who pull the strings are concerned. However, one point. The "resistance" doesn't mean that they didn't "learn" something from the work the team(s) did (yes - more than one). One thing for sure, because of the flap over the NSA issue you won't soon see a whole lot of bragging of current data minining operations.

My feeling is while some of us can "handle the truth", the fact is that it just may time to "move on", unless something new breaks, you can stick a fork in this for a while.