Bogus Cartoons - Bogus Interpretation

As pointed out here by Michelle Malkin, the Islamic Cartoon controversy is built on bogus cartoons. But more over, it's built on bogus Islamic theology as well.

Fact is that there is NO prohibition against showing images of Mohammed (a regular man by the way). Absolutely none. From Answering Islam:

"Numerous passages in the Qur’an prohibit idolatry, and worshipping statues or pictures, but there is not even single verse in the Qur’an that explicitly says not to have any pictures of Muhammad. This bears repeating: There is not a single verse in the Qur’an that prohibits making or having pictures of Muhammad or people or animals or trees. In fact, there are some verses in the Qur’an which mention images in a positive context and which therefore presuppose that some statues or images were approved by God,"

The fact is all the rioting and destruction has nothing to do with Islam or cartoons, but with incitement by thugs of the ignorant.

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