Canadian Bacon

You know the saying.....leaving yourself WIDE open...

Canadian Commentator ANTONIA ZERBISIAS summarizes what she calls the "blogburst" about the Muslim Cartoon Jihad, as follows:

"Well that didn't take long.

While Muslim religious extremists are rioting in the streets of Beirut, Gaza City and Kabul, Scandinavian embassies are being torched and Jordanians are deprived of their Danish feta over cartoons that were never actually published in any legitimate newspaper, the right-wing blogosphere has been staging its own "blogburst": the act of reproducing the offending depictions of the Prophet Muhammad.

It's a "simultaneous, co-ordinated posting by a large group of webmasters and bloggers on a given topic," says Israpundit who, along with Michelle Malkin, who is like Ann Coulter but not as funny and not so skinny, are leading the cartoon crusade.
Follow their politics and you'll understand why they're on this particular blogwagon: they hate Muslims. In fact, if they were to write about Jews the way they sometimes do about followers of the Prophet Muhammad, they'd be denounced as anti-Semites or Holocaust deniers.

No, we just hate dumb so-called commentators and journalist, that quite frankly were so busy taking pictures about the melee that they missed the true story of what happened. You know, the things that reporters of "legitimate newspapers" should find.

Which by the way "not too skinny" Michelle Malkin found here.

Antionia then waxes poetic (or just waxes), about...nothing.

"To be honest, I think that, here in Canada anyway, our Muslim communities are too diverse and too embedded in our culture and society for any kind of concerted reaction.

As for violence, I would guess that Muslims are more victims than perpetrators.

Really! Could have fooled me!

"After all, when Irshad Manji published her controversial The Trouble With Islam: A Wake Up Call for Honesty and Change in 2003, no harm ever came to her despite so many — again right-wing — bloggers' musings that it would. That said, their fears helped Manji move a lot of books around the world.

Frankly, we're a lot more tolerant society than our own intolerant right would like to believe."

Yeah...tolerant. Except if you're a Christian.

Oh Canada!