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Chump Payback

This week in Newsweak, all the stops get pulled out in one of the most vile hit pieces I've ever witnessed on a politician in recent history.

Cheney's World

Anytime you get partisan hacks such as Michael Isikoff, Daniel Klaidman, Richard Wolffe, Holly Bailey, Mark Hosenball and Eleanor Clift, all in the same room, someone of the Right side is going to get - excuse the overused expression - peppered.

I'm not going to quote this story because "considering the sources", it quite frankly isn't worth the typing, or the comment. It's crap.

But I will comment on the fact that these MSM writers prove the point that many have made that they are completely out of touch with what really matters to their readers, and as such are completely showing themselves as irrelevant dinosaurs of the past. One look at the financials of the monsters of the MSM and you'll see the point. No one is reading. No one is listening, except of course their "choirs" to whom they preach.

This week they made the big story Cheney and the hunting accident. However, when you dissect the occurrence you see it was much to do about nothing, but even more it was to play interferrence or "cover" to much more sinister goings on. It was almost as if they were glad the story to the focus off the real story of the week.

For instance, a man who was a heartbeat away from the Presidency, and a few thousand of winning it outright in 2000, spoke in front of a rogue crowd in Saudia Arabia last weekend and much more he was paid for by the family of the man who was responsible for the deaths of 3000 on September 11th, 2001. The family of Bin Laden.

This story they completely ignored, so enamored on one end with their own self importance and "wounded" pride in not being told about Cheney's hunting accident.

This isn't to say that the hunting accident wasn't news, or that perhaps they should have told someone earlier. But I think that a former Vice President whom commits sedition is just a tad bit more important in these dangerous times. Just a tad.

Moreover, even before Gore, another US Senator, Senator John D. Rockefeller, visited Syria - a rogue nation - and devulged our war plans for invading Iraq.

Even before this, so incensed by hate for the President of the US he devised a plan, in effect to overthrow the Government in a time of war, going so far as to leaking our national secrets to the media, and from there to the world. Again - silence from the bastions of information.

Do you think these stories would be blasted across the front pages of the New York Times and Washington Post is if the principles were Republicans? Heh....Cheney who? What? You be they would.

Yet this morning the media is still wounded, still primping, squawking, thinking (absurdly) that they are "punishing" the Vice President for his "insolence" because he failed to bow to their greatness.

Again - Dangerous people, in dangerous times.

UPDATE: Looks like Time Magazine - fresh off it's slander of the Corpus Christi newspaper that got the story, plans to join Newsweak in the whining.

Meanwhile Iran is preparing to unload it's own wad of bird shot - the kind that glows in the dark.

UPDATE II: I'm not alone in my assessment.

More at Michelle Malkin.


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