Come and Get me!

Via Fox News:

"Also Monday, 200 members of Iran's parliament issued a statement warning that those who published the cartoons should remember the case of Salman Rushdie — the British author against whom the late Iranian leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini issued a death warrant for his novel "The Satanic Verses."

Well, bring it on. All this namby-pamby giving it up for Mohammed is getting a little old in the tooth - and a downright pain in the butt as well. This is also much more than just a "radical muslim" story, as Muslims in Muslim nations have been persecuting Jews and Christians in media and in reality for years.

The fact is that I have a God given right to trash your moongod's so-called prophet if I desire. Deal with it. Come my way, and I'll deal with you.

muslim cartoons