End of the Story

VP Cheney taped interview with Brit Hume is "leaking out" (what else is new?)

Verdict. A guy accidently shoots his best friend and feels bad - real bad - about it. End of story.

Happy JPod?

The fact is that all the so-called conservative commentators (mostly at NRO), who called along with the liberal media for Cheney to STEP FORWARD! COME CLEAN! Now have egg on their face.

I don't know about them. But those of us who have shot someone whether accident or not, know the feeling the first time you injure someone. It's a human reaction of shock. Unless one is a reprobate. Cheney didn't set out that day to shoot his buddy, but accidents do happen, and people have human reactions when they do.

Seems no one cared about how Cheney might feel about what he did - it was lost in the MSM's lust to discredit the Vice President, and salvage their pride that they weren't told "right away".

Too bad. Could have been a real story and a lot of people I know, including myself can identify with the way the VP feels.

You can believe this. I won't forget how some reacted, and how some "judged" without knowing, which you know is the sign of a fool.

UPDATE: Questionable doctoring of the status of Whittington in the MSM by Pundit Guy. According to the Corner, Harry's up and bothering the nurses.