Free speech all around

I haven't jumped into the fray on the Muslim cartoon brouhaha, the main reason to see what others were saying, and second, it's just not my cup of tea.

However, being a "blogger", it's "my job", so catching up I clicked over to this from AJ Strata that summarizes the events so far:

"The basics of the story, for those who want a thumbnail version, has an enterprising Danish newspaper calling for cartoons of Mohamed last fall because a writer could not find and illustrator on the subject for a book. The calls was answered and submissions printed. The response was enlightening"

Boy did it ever 'enlighten". Imagine this, it pissed off Muslim extremists all around the world. So what else is new? Salman Rushdie anyone.

Here's a word for the extremist - if one's faith is damaged by the opinion of another then that person has no faith at all.

This is why as a so-called 'Evangelical Christian", I'm not threatened by what Hollyweird says, or what shows CBS or NBC or ABC decide to air. I don't have to watch them. In my faith Christ is God - and by the way a very powerful one at that - He can defend Himself quite nicely thank you, I don't feel I have to do that. Others can. That's their free choice.

Ok, so enough of the preaching.

Point is that if I were to jump on the free speech meme that is behind the rights of the cartoonists that created these objects of Islamic Militant wrath, then I would have to be of the same mind for those who for whatever reason choose to express their pleasure (or dipleasure) with what I find dear.

The point is that those who are supporting the free speech of cartoonists need to be consistent in not condemning the freedom of others to create TV shows or movies that they find "offensive". Again, I can be offended, but if I base my happiness on the actions of others I'm toast.

I get mad when I see idiots like Julian Bond speak with what is left of his mind, but then again, his opinion doesn't equal my self-image. Might make me mad, I might even respond. But I would never remove his right to say stupid things. Never in a million years.

On the same note just as I defend your free speech, I too have free speech to attack your free speech if I feel it is wrong, thus - debate. Debate is good. But it would be a dead world if we quashed all free speech just because it "offends". Tom Toles cartoon made me mad too, but I defend his right to speak his mind and draw a cartoon and even publish it. On the same note again, I also defend the right of those who speak out against it.

Freedom of speech goes both ways.

Thank God that the British House of Commons shot down a so-called "hate speech" law this last week, so that - and get this, Churches can call sinners to repent. Imagine that!

NOTE: If you're offended by that last statement, keep on sinning and don't repent it's your choice...heh.

See? Free speech is a beautiful thing!

AJ is right, Cartoons do teach us something.

Michelle Malkin with more on the point. Also AJ Strata who counters Michelle, and Decision08