Hillary Slipping Away?

Hold on to those "Hillary 2008" buttons! It's still a little early, but it looks like she's a slipping in the polls!

"The poll numbers for a possible 2008 presidential run continue to dive for Hillary Rodham Clinton. 2006 has greeted the one-time anointed Democratic presidential nominee with some abysmal poll numbers.

Hillary Poll Numbers Dive

The latest comes from a President's Day survey conducted for Hearst Newspapers.

Hillary Rodham Clinton's numbers are down across the board:

-- 44 percent of survey respondents now say that Clinton "should not run" for president in 2008 -- up from 37 percent who felt that way last year.

--The percentage of registered voters who say Clinton "should run" slipped from 53 percent to 51 percent over the past year.

Combine this poll with Hillary's earlier Gallup poll where 51 percent of Americans say they definitely would not vote for Clinton if she runs for president and an abysmal 16 percent say they are firmly behind her expected run and the bad news for Clinton and her supporters just keeps coming.

Hey! Someone get David Gregory on the phone STAT! He's going to want to handle this!