NSA - Hearings While the World Burns

Senator Patrick (Leaky) Leahy during the NSA Hearings today:

"My concern is for peaceful Quakers who are being spied upon, and other law-abiding Americans and babies and nuns who are placed on terrorist watch lists," Leahy said."

One word......'Retire', before they come to get you. "Lions and tigers and bears - oh my!"

Question: Do Quakers use phones?

My take: Watch these hearing come back to bite Democrats in the rump come November. Here they are chasing ghosts of 1972, all while we have radical Muslims burning Churches and killing priests over "cartoons". The USS Cole bomber is on the loose. More and more world-wide terrorism threats everyday.

Fact is that American's don't mind letting the Sheriff maintain order during these times. The last thing they want is squawking little old ladies in petticoats.

UPDATE: Hilarious Q&A between Pajamas Media and Powerline and Senator Dick (Nazi-Nazi!) Durbin, who get's defensive (again) when he gets called on his BS. "No, no no! I didn't say To-mato, I said, TOE-MATO!"

Just can't buy this stuff. Like I said, they are digging a deeper hole for their future every day.