Patty Hearst Redux?

Is there more to the Jill Carroll story than meets the eye?

I don't know why, but a fifty-year-old antenna is starting to buzz. Some of the keys I'm looking at is what appears to be a sympathetic look at insurgents in her writing. Although the fact that her captors blew away her body guards and her January 30th heart rendering

Iraqi's Bear Brunt of War

This wouldn't be the first time we were snookered by a staged kidnapping.

The Jawa Report seems to notice the "difference" between the lastest video and previous hostage videos:

"The segment of the video aired can bee seen here (right side). In the video, Jill Carroll does not appear to be in distress. In fact, of the dozens of hostage videos I've seen, this is the first time where the hostage actually seems completely fine."

I will say in looking at her body language there is a marked difference between the previous video and this one - a very marked difference.

Something is really smelly here and it ain't the fish I just cooked.