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Show us the tape!

Via Drudge:

"ABCNEWS executives have not viewed the video footage that was being taped when anchorman Bob Woodruff was injured by an explosive in Iraq, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.

Anchorman Woodruff and his cameraman Doug Hogt were in the hatch of a military vehicle taping footage last weekend when a bomb went off, seriously injuring both news veterans.

The war diary turned nightmare has remained in the original camera, a well-placed ABC source explained Thursday morning.

ABC executives made the controversial decision not to remove the tape from the camera.

"It is not first, second, or third thing on anyone's mind," said the insider.

The camera will be hand-carried and delivered to ABCNEWS headquarters in New York later on Thursday, from Washington, a source claims. "No one has seen what is on the tape. No one."

On whether ABCNEWS will air the footage: "It will be treated with the same standard and editorial judgment as any war footage."


Show us the footage.

ABC News and other MSM outlets had no problem airing Al Jazerr footage of other roadside bombings (over and over and over again), they shouldn't have any problem now.

What's the big freaking secret? And besides, why is this guy and his camera sidekick being treated as though the Pope had been shot?

I mean, I feel for the guy, and hope he and his partner fully recover. But come on people, he's not the first, won't be the last, and he's definely not the "best" that have been injured.

You want to know why they're holding back? My take? They can't get any anti-war traction out of this.

How's that? The key from the the NY Times story.

"They had been part of a four-member news team accompanying units of the Fourth Infantry Division and had initially been traveling in an American Army armored Humvee. But before the attack, they switched to the more lightly armored — and therefore more vulnerable — Iraqi vehicle, the network reported."

Point? They can't blame this on the US Military.

They switched to ride in an Iraq (Russian made MTLB), which is a freaking beer can on tracks. So the MSM can't blame this on the "Crappy Humvee Army" theory" that they have harped on since last year, but instead it was ole Bob - one of their own - who made a bonehead move and unfortunately for him and his camera man, they got capped for it.

Sorry for the harshness folks, but in war dumb decisions get you hurt or worse. Lesson learned.

Let's see the tape!


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