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They ought to be "Red Like Us"

This has got to be the most dumb-assed article of 2006 and we have eleven months to go:

Via the UK Guardian (where else?) US media at 'all-time low'

"Arabic-language media have an unprecedented chance to take over as the world's premier news source because trust in their US counterparts plummeted following their "shameful coverage" of the war in Iraq, a conference heard today.
The US media reached an "all-time low" in failing to reflect public opinion and Americans' desire for trusted information, instead acting as a "cheerleader" for war, said Amy Goodman, the executive producer and host of US TV and radio news show Democracy Now!, at a news forum organised by al-Jazeera.

Newsweek's Paris bureau chief, Christopher Dickey, said the US media were dying because of cutbacks and weren't interested in covering the world outside America.

But other delegates questioned whether Arabic media were up to the challenge."

Forget about the obvious - that someone with a straight face and not being high on some serious wacky-weed would put forth any Arab language media (Aljazeera) as a serious objective news source. Yeh! And madam Pelosi has a poster of GW on her bedroom wall.

"Failing to reflect public opinion". Sorry Amy (Chief Moonbat) Goodman - I missed that in Journalism School. Since when do jounalist write to reflect the public's opinion, although you must either be blind or bullcraping or both because that's all we see from the left infused MSM.

"Ms Goodman said in the run-up to the Iraq war a study of NBC, CBS, ABC and PBS newscasts over a fortnight recorded 393 interviews on the conflict, of which only three reported the anti-war movement.

"This is a media cheerleading for war and does not represent mainstream opinion in the US," she added.

Ms Goodman said she believed the policy of embedding reporters with coalition forces was "a total failure for independent journalism ... western audiences need to see the other side of the story - from communities and hospitals".

"If people in the US had a true picture of war - dead babies, women with their legs blown off, dead and dying soldiers - they would say 'no'," she said."

Oh, "Dead babies", You mean like after an abortion Amy? Oh right, they don't count. Don't fit the "platform", don't serve "the cause".

More on Amy Goodman here. What do they say? Consider the source?

By the way Ms. Goodman, what "study" was that you are referencing? A Daily Kos poll? A Democratic Underground promoted diary?

Amazing how the left are quick to "Kerry Math" like no one is going to ask them for paper-proof, or check their numbers.

But aside from fuzzy math, your assertion is bull. Fact is, either you're blind or stupid, (or both), but we've seen plenty of the horrors of this war - most courtesy of your precious and terrorist funding Aljazeera - who make sure we see the lastest murder of American and foreign innocents.

No withstanding the MSM in this country, as they and you on he left keep body counts and celebrate then they reach "milestones" of 1000, 1500, 2000....dead.

Fact is, what doesn't get reported and what is true whether people like you believe it or not is that there has been phenomenal progress in just three years. But of course you wouldn't see it. Doesn't fit your "Bush lied people died" belief system or your world viewed through your "Red" glasses.

If any, that's the failure of the MSM - they are way too much like people like you.


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