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United "Kickback" Wants Gitmo Closed - Again


More UN Torchure claims...snort!

Oh, yeah, ....blah, blah, blah....

"UNITED NATIONS - A U.N. investigation has concluded that the United States committed acts amounting to torture at Guantanamo Bay, including force-feeding detainees and subjecting them to prolonged solitary confinement, according to a draft report obtained Monday.

U.S. officials rejected the report, saying it was riddled with errors and treated statements from detainees’ lawyers as fact.

The report from five U.N. human rights experts also recommended the United States close Guantanamo Bay and revoke all special interrogation techniques authorized by the Department of Defense.

It accused the United States of violating the detainees’ rights to a fair trial, to freedom of religion and to health.

The report also said that although 30 days of isolation was the maximum permissible period, some detainees were put back into solitary confinement after very short breaks and lived in “quasi-isolation for up to 18 months.”

Note, none of the inspectors themselves have visited Gitmo....

"“The excessive violence used in many cases during transportation ... and forced-feeding of detainees on hunger strike must be assessed as amounting to torture,” it said.

The draft report, which follows repeated claims by prisoners at Guantanamo Bay that they have been mistreated or denied their rights, was delivered to the United States on Jan. 16. It was first disclosed Sunday by the Los Angeles Times.

Harsh conditions, including placing detainees in solitary confinement, stripping them naked, subjecting them to severe temperatures or threatening them with dogs could amount to torture, if used simultaneously, the report said. Forced-feeding of hunger strikers through nasal tubes caused intense pain, bleeding and vomiting.

Regarding hunger strike allegations, State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said prison doctors follow “accepted international practice” and treat those on hunger strike in a “humane way.”

Yada, yada.....note the same old "Abu Grab" script. None of these "claims" were discovered when Congress actually visited the facility, not just once but on several occassions.

Btw....Force feeding a prisoner on a hunger strike is a mandatory procedure even in our civilian facilities here in the US. It's not torture. You have no legal right as a prisoner to starve yourself, there is a legal obligation to preserve life even if you don't want to live.

Maybe instead of worrying about the US (who pays the rent for these third world thugs), they ought to complete their own house cleaning at that den of corruption. By the way it was interesting to note that the UN's concern for human rights didn't seem to matter when they were skiming the books. I guess Al Qaeda doesn't pay as well.


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