Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Disclaimer for Future Reference

There is a need for a disclaimer for those who read this little blog:

1. For those who find my 'overt" Christianty upsetting, I do not apologize. Contrary to the opinions of some, Christianity is a exclusive faith founded on the person of Jesus Christ who was NOT a prophet, nor simply a good teacher or good man, but as he claimed to be "God in the Flesh", therefore greater than all others as God is subservient to no one. "There is NO OTHER name under heaven by which we may be saved - PERIOD."

Islam is according to our faith a heathen religion founded on the belief in a heathen deity (see moongod link at right). Can't put it any plainer than that. If your religion causes you to slice your scalp with a knife, then your faith isn't in the God of all Creation, but in the god of this world - or Satan.

End of story.

2. If that offends you, too bad. I don't compromise on my principles, nor my faith. It's who I am.

3. This isn't a "religious blog", so most of the postings are political in nature reflected my some-what hard core conservative views. So if you hate my faith, at least you won't have to read it every day.

Now on to other things.........Have a Great Day.

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