Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Told you so...

I told you that MSM just couldn't let the Iraqi Documents speak for themselves. Not without a fight, or a little misinformation.

Iraqi diplomat gave US prewar intelligence

First - Old news. Second, Sabri was found to be a two faced lying piece of crap:

My source: "His story constantly flipped - hell on any given day you talked to him you could just stick your finger in the air". The feeling was that Sabri was simply trying to save his own ass and keep it off the "deck of cards" and out of the noose that is fixing to be placed around Saddam's neck.


"The US and Britain have no evidence of Iraq's possessing to [sic] any banned activities. The inceptors [sic] have found nothing and if they stay and check any corner in Iraq, they will find nothing because there is nothing to find."

—Sabri, in a Jan. 15, 2003 press release from the Iraqi News Agency

"U.N. weapons inspectors in Iraq discovered 11 empty chemical warheads at an arms depot south of Baghdad on Thursday, their most significant find in nearly two months of searching for a forbidden arsenal. … The 11 rocket warheads, plus another with modifications that required further evaluation, were the same type that topped thousands of 122-millimeter rockets that U.N. inspectors had found in 1991 filled with deadly sarin and cyclosarin nerve agents. Those rockets were destroyed. The discovery at the Ukhaider weapons depot 75 miles south of Baghdad appears to put Iraq in technical violation of the U.N. resolution requiring it to eliminate all nuclear, chemical and biological weapons and delivery systems."

—Maggie Farley, "U.N. Inspectors Find Warheads, Seek Answers," in the Jan. 17 Los Angeles Times

Yeah, "nothing, because there is nothing to find..." Right.

Fact is that the Saddam documents and audio tapes are telling a different story - not from middlemen, but from Saddam himself.

In fact, it was Sabri himself that In 2003 called on U.S. and British forces to withdraw immediately from Iraq because Iraqis were determined to "inflict the final defeat.

Nice try MSM.

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