Friday, March 24, 2006


Saddam Confessions = "Hey Rocky, watch me pull a comrade out of my hat!"

More documents and more revelations.

One thing is for sure, it's a far gone conclusion why France, Russian and Germany didn't support our invading Iraq. Dollar signs.

Now it may be simply a case of espionage.

"WASHINGTON - In his struggle to figure out and foil the American invasion plan as it was unfolding in late March and early April 2003, Saddam Hussein may have fielded a few tips from an old ally: the Russian government.

But it seems possible the Russians’ “help” created more confusion than clarity for the clueless Iraqi leader.

As described in a lengthy report released Friday at the Pentagon, Iraqi documents captured by U.S. troops say the Russians collected information about U.S. troop movements and battle plans at the outset of the invasion by tapping sources inside the American military. And they say the intelligence was passed to Saddam."

"Sources inside the American military". Heh.....don't you just love it?

"The unclassified Pentagon report does not assess the value or accuracy of the information Saddam got or offer details on Russia’s information pipeline. It cites captured Iraqi documents that say the Russians had “sources inside the American Central Command” and that intelligence was passed to Saddam through the Russian ambassador.

NBC News reported Friday that military investigators found no evidence of spies or moles at the headquarters. It is believed the Russians received their information via electronic eavesdropping, NBC’s Jim Miklaszewski reported."

Yeah....eavesdropping. It could be that some of our guys and gals were using the Russians to throw Saddam a bone, Or maybe just a "Senatorial" phone call did the trick. I wonder if any Russian Ambassadors are in Rocky's rolodex?

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