Dubai fallout - Kicking ourselves in the balls

The fallout from the absolute knee-jerk reaction to the Dubai story is only beginning to come to bear, more specifically to the damage to our middle east intelligence efforts.

Harold Hutchison goes over some of this in his most recent article on the story over at TCS Daily, and it's worth a read. The last part of the article is especially glaring and along the lines of my posts throughout. We kicked an ally in the GWOT squarely in the balls - there is no other nice way to put it.

"Several claims have been made regarding connections to 9/11, specifically the fact that two of the hijackers were from the UAE. First, none of the critics have any proof that either the government of the UAE or Dubai Ports World was involved in the attack. By the standard of these critics, the United Kingdom would be held responsible for Richard Reid, or Germany would be responsible for the Hamburg cell that planned the attack. Second, the United Arab Emirates have stepped up efforts to make money laundering less easy after Dubai was used as a financial conduit for the attacks (again, there is no proof that the UAE or DPW were active participants in the laundering). It should also be noted that at least two Americans have worked with al-Qaeda (Johnny Walker Lindh and Jose Padilla.)

How critical are good relations between the U.S. and the UAE? It needs to be noted that outside of Dubai, the closest facility that can conduct major repairs on an aircraft carrier is Guam. The United Arab Emirates has also been sharing intelligence with the United States and is better equipped in the area of human intelligence against terrorism from Islamic extremists (due to being in the same neighborhood that many major al-Qaeda figures come from) than the United States.

A final note about this controversy. The last time we kicked an ally in that region to the curb was 1979. His name was Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, better known as the Shah of Iran. We know how that turned out."

Yes, and I was working the beat at the time. Thanks Carter - you id-iot. Seems we still have the same group of idiots in Washington and on the so-called pundit trail.

This is going to come back to haunt us - you can take it to the bank. I've have spoken to several intel folks who work that beat and they aren't mincing words. "Frigging idiots" about sums it up. Did anyone forget that we backed the deal?

Of course you won't hear from any of them as they won't get on Hardball or any other MSM show, for those seats are only reserved for agency f-ups and malcontents. But there is no mistaking that our intelligence gathering for the time being is severely challenged.