Get it done!

General Haig though sometimes only remembering for getting the chain succession (I'm in charge!) just after the President Reagan assasination attemp, is still a soldier and a stand up guy. For a long time I and other military vets past and present have lamented, "Let's just get this thing over with" as far as Iraq is concerned. General Haig agrees:

"BOSTON - Former Nixon adviser Alexander Haig said military leaders in Iraq are repeating a mistake made in Vietnam by not applying the full force of the military to win the war.

“Every asset of the nation must be applied to the conflict to bring about a quick and successful outcome, or don’t do it,” Haig said. “We’re in the midst of another struggle where it appears to me we haven’t learned very much.”

The problem in this war as in others is half the country wants to bail out and go home and write off the deaths of those who fought and died as an "Oh well, that's damn shame".

Had Roosevelt listened to those cowards and appeasers back in the 40s to pull out and run, the world would have fallen to Socialism and Communisim within a few short years. Indeed it was an appeaser that allowed Hilter to gain nearly enough power to take over the world.

Thankfully REAL leaders of that day, and the ones that followed had the foresight to look down the generations. They could see walls built and then torn down. They could see tolitarianism rise and come crashing to the ground - as it did in the 80s and 90s.

President Bush remarked recently that his decision to invade Iraq would be debated for years to come, but the proof of whether it was the right decision won't be known for decades. Should Iraq's democracy spread throughout the mideast it will save untold millions of lives that now are snuffed out by cowards planting car bombs.

Civilization and civilized societies do not rise by accident but by design and hard work and tenacity and above all vision of leaders who use their leadership to build the future and make it safe for generations to follow. Because of this they are always critcised and accused of wrong doing during their tenure, but that is in itself the proof of their greatness.

The visionaries are always cursed in their day - never in their life time. Reagan was lauded as a doting and forgetful old man during his presidency. But his tenacity and vision tore down the dividing wall of hostility and united a nation.

The vision of cowards never built anything, accomplished anything, or lives for anything but it's own sad safety or welbeing. There has never been a selfish hero, only cowards, and lord knows we have plenty of them in this country getting voice.

Let us never have leaders like that.