Goodbye "Puck"

Hall of Famer Kirby Pucket dies at 44

This is a bummer. I'm a die-hard Braves fan and I remember October of 1991 and having me little heart broke by the Puck with a game winning home run in the 11th inning of the World Series. We had the Twins down 3-2 in the series up to that point. As a long suffering "Bravo", I had waited a long time for my team to get to the Big Dance. He jogged around the bases with that big grin on his face and I threw the remote control at the TV (Never been a good loser!). What a moment!

The Twins went on to win the series of the "Worst to First" teams that year, the first time in history that two such teams ever played. At the end I stood up in my living room and clapped. It was a great series - even if we didn't win.

But I would also become a fan of Puck and admired not only his play on the field, but his character off the field.

He was truly a class act.

Thanks Puck!