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Iraqi Document Fever

Catchy No?

Just been cleaning out my emails - mostly from moonbats "Hey facist! You know Bush is a liar, liar pants on fire....there's nothing in the document - NOTHING!!!"

But for people of intelligence these documents are explosive. It's going to be a fun summer.

Reservations not withstanding...

Thomas Lifson at American Thinker quotes blogger Ray Robinson as "throwing water" on the document fever:

"Our contributor Ray Robison does not share the enthusiasm of many bloggers over the release of captured documents. Writing on his website Ray Robison, he notes that only those boxes marked NIV [no intelligence value] are to be released.

NIV is the trash. There is nothing of intelligence value in these items or they would be IV.

One of the reasons for the resistance to the release of these documents is the risk that people would not be able to apply context to these documents and would make incorrect assertions. The limited release of nine document has proven that concern to be valid."

I've not familiar with Mr. Robinson, but he is not exactly correct about the classification of "NIV". True, it means "No intelligence value", but that doesn't mean that they are not valid or authentic. NIV correctly interpreted can mean "for the trash - file 13", or it can mean that their intelligence value has expired. Meaning that the information has been farmed, and "pieced" or incorporated into other infomation. It can also mean that it has no value in the present scenario, or "declassed".

But it doesn't mean that it wasn't valued back then - prior to 2003 or beyond.. I will agree that I too await the translation on the al-Zarqawi dossier, but although the initial release doesn't tickle ur toes, let's not throw the baby out with the bath water (sorry - I just like the clitche). Fact is there is a lot more coming - a helluva lot more.

Keep on translating.


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