Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Katrina, A Defining Hypocrisy - II

More Katrina Flogging......zzzzzzz

"New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin said on Wednesday he was shocked by video showing U.S. President George W. Bush being told the day before Hurricane Katrina hit that the city's protective levees could fail.

The tape contradicts the president's statement four days after the hurricane struck: "I don't think anyone anticipated the breach of the levees."

"It surprises me that if there was that kind of awareness, why was the response so slow?" said Nagin, whose city was devastated when the storm struck on August 29 and causing massive flooding.

"I have kind of a sinking feeling right now in my gut. I mean, I was listening to what people were saying and I was believing them that they didn't know. So therefore it was an issue of a learning curve.

"From this tape it looks like everybody was fully aware."

I'm shocked too. One would think the AP would get own story straight before they would go about correcting - or rather rehashing news - or making it up

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UPDATE: John at Powerlineblog desects the AP's agenda and false reporting.

Forget the fact that a Cat-3/4 Hurricane hit a city that was built 7 feet under sea level. Of course, it's "Bush's Fault", because he didn't send Cheney out to shoot it down.


More at Expose the Left Blanco's campaign promises to protect against such a disaster.

UPDATE: Lori at Polipundit:

"What am I missing? What is Bush being told in this video that everyone didn’t already know for years? Isn’t this why Bush begged people to evacuate? I realize how this video will be played by the media and the ineffective and corrupt state and local officials that want to save their own asses, but unless I am missing something, this is all stuff that was known for years. I guess Bush’s demeanor and the fact that he told state and local officials that they were fully prepared is the big news? I guess I just don’t get it."

It's simple - see "It's Bush fault above.

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