More Port "Absurdity" - VI - The Buckle

Well the uber right is dancing in the streets - as Dubai buckles on the proposed deal:

" Dubai-owned company said Thursday it is giving up its management stake in some U.S. ports, a move made as congressional leaders warned President Bush that both the House and Senate appeared ready to block the takeover.

It was not immediately clear whether the announcement would be enough to cool widespread sentiment in Congress to pass legislation blocking the deal, which has become a burdensome election-year problem for Republicans.

Sen. John Warner, chairman of the Armed Services Committee, took the Senate floor to read to colleagues a company press release disclosing its new stance.

"Because of the strong relationship between the United Arab Emirates and the United States and to preserve that relationship, DP World has decided to transfer fully the U.S. operation of P&O Operations North America to a United States entity," DP World's chief operating officer, Edward H. Bilkey, said in the statement that Warner relayed to other senators. The announcement did not specify which American company would be involved.

The move came as the White House, facing a Republican rebellion in Congress, played down President Bush's veto threat and said he was trying to find a compromise to resolve the uproar over the company's plan to take over significant operations at several U.S. sea ports.

DP World said it will transfer all interest in U.S. port operations to an American-based company, but it was unclear immediately how DP World would manage the divestiture. The company indicated that details of the surprise deal were still being worked out."

Well, now I wonder what happens in this "Amercian-based company" if it's found to have any Arabs, Muslims, Blacks, or god forbid any "Brits" working for it? What then? Man, .... Lou Dobbs has got to be goose stepping all over the studio right about now.

Here's a word from our "leadership"

"House Majority Leader Rep. John Boehner:

"The American people raised serious and genuine concerns about this proposed transaction. When it comes to the operation of our nation's ports and borders, our national security is our first and foremost concern. Americans have the right to feel confident and comfortable with the security arrangements their government sets for them, and House Republicans were obligated to take action to respond to the concerns Americans have expressed about the proposed deal."


"Yeah, we kicked them ayarabs out the neighborhood alright!"......

Twist it all you want Boehner - that's all this has been about from day one. We can't let them take this over.....they' know?......Ayarabians!!

Fact is that you, Frist and the rest of the ladies buckled to Democrats (getting hard to tell the difference), and your own fears of losing your jobs in 2006/2008. Once word: Therapy.

Fact is that a lot of us in the RED STATES who elect you chickadees year after year have just about had it with the lot of you.

Bet on it. You know these "Uber-Conservatives" are constantly questioning the conservatism of President Bush. I'm beginning to see that we have more than a few foxes in the henhouse.

More at AJ Strata.

UPDATE: From the "Did you know"; the UAE (them ayarabs) have been operating the ports of Houston for years?

What's the word? Yeah - Hypocrites.

UPDATE II: Happy now naysayers? Now we know why the "deal" was done. But watch and mark my words, the business backlash to those who opposed the deal will be huge.

Wait until they begin to cancel all those Boeing and Airbus orders and see how it affects the economy. Dopes. All for nothing except "We can't let them people move here - they smell funny".

UPDATE III: Continuing the coming economic impact of this fiasco Blogs for Bush's Mark Noonan: "The opposition to the DPW deal was based upon entirely emotional, knee-jerk responses to the fact that DPW is headquartered out of an Arab country. After the initial, emotional outburst had subsided, some opponents tried to piggyback a genuine concern on to the back of the emotional response, but in my view they never came up with a single, credible reason to suspect that DPW would jeopardize American security.

My hope is that we'll find a way to compensate DPW for this miscarriage of justice, and a way to apologise to the government and citizens of the UAE for the way we treated them."

To prove the point of reacting to the issue with a sniff, Rick Moran of Right Wing Nut House:

"It was always about the Bush Administration and their arrogant, cavalier attitude toward this deal and other aspects of homeland security including securing our borders. The committee set up to vet DPW was a bureaucratic rubber stamp made up of second and third tier assistant secretaries who didn’t even feel the need to brief the heads of their agencies about the deal. They never felt the need to brief the Joint Chiefs. The never felt the need to brief Congress."

It's all about those borders you know......

Yeah, we have people like that in the South as well. The "Us four and no more" types.

More at Crazy Politico's Rantings. Also AJ Strata with a followup here.

Just another "Did you know?" This is going to hurt our men and women in uniform fighting in harms way as well. Dubai was a definite ally in the beans and bullet support. It's going to hurt them if we loose strategic staging of our ships over there all because of some fat assed congressman's egoand a bunch of RINOS.

Another thing...Rush Limbaugh on the hypocrisy of Rep. King (aka fat ass), "These ingrates. They just had the Patriot Act signing ceremony at the White House and here's Peter King -- congressman, Long Island who killed the Dubai ports deal -- sidling up, maneuvering, doing his best to stand right behind President Bush with his hands on his shoulders while he's signing the Patriot Act extension"

Amen. No doubt, this had nothing to do with terrorism concerns and everything to do with 2006 - period.

Which "Oh by the way", I have first hand information that King knew of the port deal since last year said nothing until the "panic" set in. He's not only a liar, but a stab you in the back liar. If I were you Mr. President I wouldn't allow that slug to stand behind you in the future.

UPDATE IV: Former VP Canidate Jack Kemp on the GOP betrayal of President Bush, and their behavior in the Dubai fiasco said this on Foxnews On the Record: "Shameful, shameful and embarrassing"

I'm telling you. We of the RED States will remember this betrayal come November and will send a message loud and clear. Believe it. This an embarrassing day for Americans and American honor.

MAJOR UPDATE: The President is PO'd over the back stabbing he took today. Rove is already sending out the message. Hot tip. Starting tomorrow the "umbilical cord " for 2006 and 2008 GOP incumbents is severed, along with any support from the Administration along the way. Looks like Bush is saying "I'm not running - screw me? No, screw you - you're done".

Never misunderestimate this man - never. Like I said, the Party is a mess - might just have to tear things down to build it back up. Time to clean house.

UPDATE VI: General Abizaid lets the Dubai opponents have it. I guess since he is of Arab background we'll have to rethink those stars we gave him, I mean after all he's well, (whispering) one of 'those' people, and he's in charge of our forces in the Middle east OYE!