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More Port "Absurdity" - VII - The Aftermath and the Payback

Think tanking the Dubai deal was smart business?

Think again. I told you, this is going to have a major impact on our economy.

Scuttled ports deal may ship out dollars

"The decision by Dubai Ports World to divest its U.S. holdings may have defused a potentially explosive clash between President Bush and members of his own party.

But it is also likely to keep the heat on a simmering belief abroad that U.S. markets can sometimes be more trouble than they're worth, economists and foreign trade experts said Thursday.

"People are making decisions to invest elsewhere than in the U.S.," said Rachel Bronson, a Mideast expert at the Council on Foreign Relations. "Gulf money is being invested in Europe and Asia. This furthers that trend."

In the wake of last year's uproar over Chinese interest in Unocal and Maytag, companies from controversial countries may be inclined to search for less complicated investments when deciding where to park their assets. And in a global economy, there are plenty of options.

To some that may be a reasonable tradeoff if scrutiny of such deals enhances national security. But economists said if too much money drifts away from U.S. investments, economic security could be at stake.

"The U.S. is dependent on foreign investment," said Ben Carliner, of the Economic Strategy Institute. "This sends out a worrying message, and foreign investors are going to hear it."

Yeah the message is "We don't want 'your kind' around here".

Again, Economic Supremacist /and exclusionist righties like Lou Dobbs, Michelle Malkin and (bar the borders shoot the Mexicans) Bill O'Reilly and others are celebrating today, but they do NOT represent this conservative, nor many others I have heard from today.

" The brouhaha over Dubai Ports World might also be disruptive to U.S. efforts to bolster free trade abroad, experts said.

"They will not stop doing business with us, but on the margins, they will be less likely to do things that are not in their interests," said David Mack, a former U.S. ambassador to the United Arab Emirates.

Arab oil producers, for example, might not pump up oil production as a way to stabilize prices and ease the already heavy economic burden on the U.S. economy.

The UAE might also slow free-trade talks with the U.S.

"They don't need [an agreement]," Mack said. "Everybody in the world is beating a path to their door."

Ned Walker, another former U.S. ambassador to the UAE, agreed, adding, "As countries start to have questions about whether we can be counted on in a business deal, they will go elsewhere," he said."

Yes they will. Not all will do do, as the article states, but enough to hurt us - not only in the pocket book, but where it's near and dear to my heart - our men and women on the front lines of freedom. That's the unforgiveable sin the detractors have committed.

The fact bears repeating. DP World was a foriegn company that was run by American's - not Osama Bin Laden. The anger of those who sniff "how dare you call me a racist", is telling. Truth hurts - hit's home. The stick you poke a Lion with will get him to roar, but the stick didn't make him roar, it only revealed his ugly nature.

We got's some uglies in this party and we're about to show them the door.


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