NSA - Jackals backing down

AJ at the Strata Sphere notes "the change of heart" by some congressional Democrats over the NSA program:

"Today the tide completed its turn away from the media lies and spin and towards common sense. The NSA story started off as a media-made fantasy where supposedly Bush ordered the NSA to defy the FISA act and go witch hunting. In the end it was learned that the only thing the NSA did was pass their leads to the FISA Court (FISC) which determined unilaterally NSA leads meant nothing and rejected the idea of surveillling people in the US in obvious contact with terrorists. How do I know this is an accurate assessment? The Senate Intelligence committee just folded when the administration called their bluff"

Actually though, let's say that Senatore Pat Roberts put a "little bug" in the oinment - or if you will - in the ear of Rocky and others on the Hill so involved in the leaks. Make no mistake, Roberts is holding all the cards and the Democrats involved know it - thus, backing down.

You see the Rockefeller "tentacles" actually reach to a lot of embarrasing persons for Democrats. It's hard to win seats in November when - oh say, 5 or 6 congress and senate members are being chased into the ground by the long arm of an excited DOJ.

Yeah, Rocky is still barking at the moon but at this point he has to. It would look too obvious for him to fold now. Again, it's not easy to see your plan going up in smoke!