Perspective on Immigration - II

After my previous post (and the lively response), I thought a bit of a clarification is in order.

1. America is the land of the free and home of the brave. I welcome all legal immigrants who enter the US legally. I am NOT for this kind of activity whatsoever. Away with them. We have ONE flag, The Stars and Stripes. We are a MELTING POT which means that people from different cultures come from all over the world to make ONE people. Within our differing groups we have and enjoy our particular culture with the freedom to do so. But we are NOT a multi-cultural Nation.

This is the United States of America - a sovereign nation. Clear enough?

Now, saying that, understand that we are not going to find an easy solution to this problem of illegal immigration. We're about 100 years too late. So we are not going to "round 'em up and lock 'em up", at least not in LA (Arizona may be a possibility though), but the fact is that the lax enforcement of our immigration laws or more specifically our border protection is long standing. I remember back in '81 watching illegals literally spilling over the Rio Grande into El Paso by the droves and the border patrol doing next to nothing to stop them. While some would like to see the troops and tanks brought in, there isn't a politician worth his 2006/2008 who is going to risk inflaming the sizable hispanic voting blocks in this country. Lame? I know. But it's just the facts as they are.

AJ Strata has I think a good take on what part of the solution may be. But even so, the solutions are not going to be found easily - that's the point.