Press Whining: We are so full of ourselves we know that you would agree

Aside from the fact that the vaunted and out of control - and stragegically dangerous - MSM is out of about to get their ass handed to them, it's fun to see them whine about their percieved self-importance.

Get over yourself, you lost that importance when you stopped reporting the news and began commenting, bloviating and outright manufacturing the the news. You lost credibility a long time ago. Yet like the stuck pig you are you just have to squeal about it.

Here's an example.

Now, I can't make this up, but this "opinion" by a writer named - get this - Bill Press, does a better job of showing just how full of themselves, priggish and "out of touch" the elite media are.

"Fasten your seat belts. George Bush is starting another war.

As part of the war on terror, he's declared a war on reporters. According to the Washington Post, the Bush White House has dusted off an old 1917 law to haul into court any journalist who publishes a story based on classified information received through a leak.

They're doing so, says the Post, because they're upset at media reports on the network of secret CIA prisons and on Bush's warrantless phone taps. Bush says printing stories about the NSA's spy program was "a shameless act."

The White House declaring war on journalists? How Nixonian! How ironic! How hypocritical! How dangerous! (me - rolling eyes - NIXON - yeah, it's 1972 - get it?).

Isn't it ironic? Bush resurrects a 1917 law to go after journalists. Yet he said he couldn't obey a 1978 law requiring a court order before tapping our phones because it was "an old law."

Isn't it hypocritical? Somebody in the White House leaked the identity of an undercover CIA agent, yet Bush did nothing about it. Dick Cheney told Scooter Libby to leak classified information in order to help build the case for war in Iraq, and Bush did nothing about it. Yet now he wants to punish reporters who report on the leaks.

And isn't it dangerous - when the White House tries to silence the free press, our watchdog. They're just pissed because they got caught breaking the law.

Bush has it backwards. Media reports about secret prisons are not "shameless acts." The secret prisons themselves are shameless acts.

Stories about NSA spying are not shameless act. Spying on Americans is a shamless act.

If anybody deserves to be thrown in prison, it's not journalists who expose government wrong-doing - it's Bush and Cheney, the wrong-doers themselves.

My, my.....Bill - got thy panties in a uproar? Man talk about being stuck in a time-warp!

No Bill - the fact is that - for the one-thousand time - the NSA surveliance ISN'T "spying on Americans". Nor are there all these "secret prisons" the WAPO clamors about - remember, no one has found them yet. The fact is that the press tried to present these stories - devulging classified information, a violation of the 1917 act among others - as some great big story when in fact it was nothing of the kind.

But more important their "motivation" was more than honorable - as we will learn - but entirely orchestrated to damage the President. Simply to make political points. Whether it was outing Plame and then setting up White House staff to get them to "take the bait", or cutting and pasting a Katrina video, or lying about Koran abuse and thus contributing to the death of over twenty people, or in the case of Dan Rather - simply making it up as you go along, this clamp down has been a long time coming.

Fact is you clowns need a baby sitter - or perhaps a jailer.

You and your type clamor for freedom of the press - but freedom isn't free and comes with responsibility to report the FACTS and TRUTHS as they are known. Not to become a propaganda tool for the Democratic Party, or the anti American left, or your own particular bent.

To use your rant - what you're mad about is that you're being called on your bull crap - and YOU don't like it.

The shame is that we didn't start sooner. Here's a tip of the glass to some real "Frog Marching" to come.