Rockefeller did you "teller?"- VI

As time goes on, more and more of the Plan comes clearer.

As I've been saying all along several members of Congress and on the Senate on the Democratic side of the isle have been executing a well crafted but dangerous plan, in fact, playing games, endangering not only our national security but also our way of life.

We are all familiar with the Rockefeller plan, the memo that detailed the Democrats plan to charge the Bush administration with falsifying the evidence for war with Iraq , and other details to in effect over-throw the administration. Just for reference here is a key part of that memo:

"We have carefully reviewed our options under the rules and believe we have identified the best approach. Our plan is as follows:

1) Pull the majority along as far as we can on issues that may lead to major new disclosures regarding improper or questionable conduct by administration officials. We are having some success in that regard.

For example, in addition to the President's State of the Union speech, the chairman [Sen. Pat Roberts] has agreed to look at the activities of the office of the Secretary of Defense, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, as well as Secretary Bolton's office at the State Department."

Fact is that Senator Pat Roberts has been very busy lately. But not with Senator Rockefeller or looking into Bolton's closet, but with some DOJ lawyers and investigators. Additionally several former and present staffers of Senator Rockefeller are talking up a storm, along with other including serveral others who worked uncover for the Committee, thus the tip covered here about the investigation focusing not only on Rockefeller but Senator Durbin as well. Contrary to what some believe, the present investigation IS a continuance of a investigation that began in December of 2004. There a lot of work involved and so far all roads lead to Rockefeller.

Make no mistake, Rockefeller is really feeling the heat and trying to form a defense/deflect the heat and throw off the scent (see here, and here).

- all Democratic ways of doing business.

But there is even more than just Rockefeller getting the perp walk. The fact is that Rep. Conyers (who hasn't heard that slavery was abolished), let the rest of the cat out about why Dems want the house in 2006, essentially revealing what the plan was about all along.

Simple: Since Democrats can't win at the ballot box they've been on a five-year mission to drum up impeachment charges against Bush - as if that would boost them into office. It's all about Payback.

Childish. But as a testament to their lack of character they would sell out our nation simply to get back at those whom they feel unjustly persecuted el-savior (cough).

From the trumped up Plame Game (a plan basically hatched over breakfast), all the way up to an elaborate and orchestrated effort the the "Dogs of the DNC" to "keep up the negative" up in the press.

In short, it's all been one long attempt at payback for the Clinton Impeachment. It's just that simple. Again, one wonders how President Bush can be so calm when being under such an attack. It's simple, he knows what I'm telling you. There is quiet victory and calm when you know the outcome.

Again, like the wolf feverishly licking the bloody knife these traitors are quite fankly not going to know they are in trouble - real trouble - until it is too late and they are dead in the snow.