Saddam and his WMDs

In the April 10th issue of National Review, James Lacey writes:

"For almost three years, the anti-war protesters have kept up the drumbeat: “Bush lied and people died.” Because weapons of mass destruction (WMD) were not found in Iraq, an endless stream of commentators continues to declare that Saddam Hussein was not the serious threat the administration claimed him to be. The critics usually go even further, and assert that sanctions and the destruction of WMD facilities by U.N. investigators had done so much damage to WMD infrastructure that it would have taken Saddam years to rebuild it even to a minimal capacity.

But these claims ignore huge amounts of contrary evidence; and most of this evidence can be found in the final report of the Iraqi Survey Group (ISG) — the very same report that many critics hold up as proof positive that Iraq was not a WMD threat. The evidence found by the ISG (an investigative commission set up by the Bush administration after the invasion of Iraq) confirms that Saddam was preparing to rapidly reconstitute his WMD program the moment he broke out of sanctions, which — given the frayed state of the coalition against him — would inevitably have happened. Not only did Bush not “lie”; the critics themselves are guilty of selectively citing evidence and of ignoring facts inconvenient to their argument. The ISG report, as well as the other evidence that continues to come to light, demonstrates that Saddam couldn’t be trusted with the apparatus of a modern state, which he would have turned quickly back to producing WMD as soon as circumstances allowed.

Consider just one datum: According to the report, Saddam had the capability to start anthrax production within one week of making the decision to do so, and thereafter to produce over ten tons of weaponized anthrax a year. If even 1 percent of that amount — 200 pounds — were released into the air over Washington, D.C., Congress’s Office of Technology Assessment estimates that up to 3 million people would die."

The insanity of the antiwar (pro-saddam) elements in this country and their insistence that Saddam didn't have, or didn't want WMD or that he was - as the MSM's laughable assertion, that Saddam was "frustrated" with constant inspections. Yeah, he was frustrated all right. It's hard to keep hiding WMD and attemping to deceive inspectors - except those whom he paid off.

We know now that Dueffler did not complete his final report on whether Saddam shipped his WMD to Syria (after all he had months to do so), because of threats.

However, here is an interesting conversation between Saddam and his inner circle that shows anything but "innocence", and is chilling in it's content.

"...what the Iraqi Survey Group discovered was that Saddam was maintaining a biological-warfare research program right up to the Coalition invasion, and that he had the installed capability to produce bio-toxins. Would he have used them? An amazing conversation between Saddam and his inner circle was recorded in a captured but undated Iraqi document.

SADDAM: I want to make sure that — close the door please (door slams) — the germ and chemical warheads, as well as the chemical and germ bombs, are available to [those concerned], so that in case we ordered an attack, they can do it without missing any of their targets?

HUSAYN KAMIL: Sir, if you’ll allow me. Some of the chemicals now are distributed, this is according to the last report from the Minister of Defense, which was submitted to you, Sir. Chemical warheads are stored and are ready at Air Bases, and they know how and when to deal with, as well as arm these heads. Also, some other artillery machines and rockets (missiles) are available from the army. While some of the empty “stuff” is available for us, our position is very good, and we don’t have any operational problems. Moreover, in the past, many substantial items and material were imported; now, we were able to establish a local project, which was established to comply with daily production. Also, another bigger project will be finalized within a month, as well as a third project in the coming two to three months that will keep us on the safe side, in terms of supply. We, Sir, only deal in common materials like phosphorus, ethyl alcohol, and methyl (interrupted) . . .

SADDAM: What is it doing with you, I need these germs to be fixed on the missiles, and tell him to hit, because starting the 15th, everyone should be ready for the action to happen at anytime, and I consider Riyadh as a target . . .

HUSAYN KAMIL: (door slams) Sir, we have three types of germ weapons, but we have to decide which one we should use, some types stay capable for many years (interrupted).

SADDAM: We want the long term, the many years kind . . .

HUSAYN KAMIL: . . . There has to be a decision about which method of attack we use; a missile, a fighter bomb, or a fighter plane.

SADDAM: With them all, all the methods . . . I want as soon as possible, if we are not transferring the weapons, to issue a clear order to [those concerned] that the weapon should be in their hands as soon as possible. I might even give them a “non-return access.” [Translator Comment: to have access to the weapons; to take them with them and not to return them.] I will give them an order stating that at “one moment,” if I’m not there and you don’t hear my voice, you will hear somebody else’s voice, so you can receive the order from him, and then you can go attack your targets. I want the weapons to be distributed to targets; I want Riyadh and Jeddah, which are the biggest Saudi cities with all the decision makers, and the Saudi rulers live there. This is for the germ and chemical weapons . . . Also, all the Israeli cities, all of them. Of course you should concentrate on Tel Aviv, since it is their center.

HUSAYN KAMIL: Sir, the best way to transport this weapon and achieve the most harmful effects would come by using planes, like a crop plane; to scatter it. This is, Sir, a thousand times more harmful. This is according to the analyses of the technicians (interrupted) . . .

SADDAM: May God help us do it . . . We will never lower our heads as long as we are alive, even if we have to destroy everybody."

As more and more of the documents are translated we continually see the dismantling of the "No WMD" argument and further see the threat that Saddam actually posed. Don't look for the increasingly irrelevant MSM to pick up on the story - except that is to attempt to throw water on it or 'downgrade' its significance.

But come this Summer, even the once mighty MSM isn't going to be able to hide the truth, and the American public will see what the Bush administration said all along. Thus they have been lied to - not by Bush, but by the Democrats (who believed he had WMD until it became politically 'inncorrect' to believe otherwise) and the media and the backlash of that betrayal of trust is going to be felt in November.