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Then again, it could be murder?


"TAMPA, Fla. - Prosecutors confirmed Tuesday that a 14-year-old boy who was beaten by guards in a juvenile boot camp did not die of a blood disorder as a medical examiner initially ruled.

Pam Bondi, a spokeswoman for Hillsborough County State Attorney Mark Ober, who is investigating the death of Martin Lee Anderson, declined to comment further on the case except to say it will be “months” before the probe is complete.

She confirmed statements from Dr. Michael Baden, a noted pathologist who observed the second autopsy that was conducted on the teenager’s body.

Baden said Tuesday that results from a second autopsy seem to indicate a 14-year-old boy died from a beating by guards at a juvenile boot camp, not from a blood disorder as a medical examiner initially ruled.

“My opinion is that he died because of what you see in the videotape,” said Dr. Michael Baden, referring to a surveillance tape showing guards kicking and punching Martin Lee Anderson’s limp body the day before he died.

After seeing the videotape, the boy’s parents agreed to have his body exhumed and asked Baden to observe a second autopsy."

Interesting but it seems that the original pathologist who examined Martin Lee Andersen, has screwed up autopsies before.

"Terry could relate. The same medical examiner signed off on mistake-laden autopsy reports for her husband and daughter after their deaths two years ago in Hurricane Ivan.

She's convinced he's wrong again.

"There's no excuse for any of it," Terry said.

Dr. Charles Siebert concluded that Terry's only daughter, Donna Reed, had an "unremarkable" prostate gland and testicles, both male organs. The report said the same of her appendix, gallbladder, uterus and ovaries, though they all had been removed years earlier.

"The testicles were what really blew our mind. My daughter was a full-blooded woman," Terry said Monday after meeting Jones.

The 2004 mixup is likely to draw more attention to Siebert, already the focus of much criticism in the case of 14-year-old Martin Anderson, who died last month after being roughed up by guards at a Panama City boot camp.

Besides the errors about her daughter, the 2004 report also made several mistakes about Terry's husband, James Terry. It said no scars were found on his abdomen or back, when he actually had scars in both areas and another 8-inch scar between his shoulder blades, Terry said."

Ok, so he's not Quincy. Yet while this looks bad for the guards, the fact is that we don't know the whole story about this kid other than the fact (apparent fact) that a blood disorder didn't do him in. Baden is a bonafide expert of sorts but he is being paid by the family and I'd be interested to know just how much that is.


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