WAPO - Giving you the Best - 38 percent of the Time

Ah Da WAPO......Wonder why only 38 percent find thee favorable?

Little wonder...

First the White House is Tired.

Now there is a REVOLT a-coming.....(Note Professor Hewitt handles the details)

Too bad that Bush, like 58 percent of the Nation isn't reading the WAPO.

We've no time for MSM myths.

Meanwhile....seems that the White House and the President seems pretty much on message and purpose:

Iran - is backing down. Seems they drew a line in the sand, but Bush's mandate seemed to work.

You know I'll take clinging to my mandates, over bending over and grabbing my ankles any day.

And what about those Documents? Well bust me WAPO, Seems Saddam and Al Qaeda ARE linked after all - imagine that? Just like el savior said back when

And you can bet that when the other fourty-eight thousand or so documents are relased the evidence will be hard to ignore even for the stardust twinkies of the left.