Able Danger - Post Script

We may not know the entire story of Able Danger - although as I've told you on many occassions, we just might not want to know the entire story. Nevertheless, it wasn't all for nought.

Capt Ed has a followup on what he calls "The Son of Able Danger", or Able Providence which Col. Shaffer referenced in this GSN interview conducted last year.

Able Providence was the program Weldon was trying to get funding for FY2006 and the reason he brought forward the Able Danger story in the first place. Shaffer said in the interview back in September of last year:

" I believe it was his intent to put it into the record on 27 June 2005, just to justify the expense of putting this into the upcoming FY2006 appropriations bill. But that was the ultimate objective here -- to build something called Able Providence. Able Providence being the follow up to [Able Danger.] In the simplest terms, to create a global, 21st century armored cavalry capability. Again, the idea here, going back to Gettysburg, when General Buford went after and seized the high ground of Gettysburg. That was a decisive point of that battle."

This will an excellent tool in the GWOT and let's hope this time that a bunch of tie-wearing bureaucrats don't f-k it up.