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Rockefeller did you "teller?"- XII- The Coming Storm for Democrats

As you read here first, this summer is going to be a bad one for a certain group of Democrats, the beginning of the end is the discovery of Mary O. McCarthy and her acts of treason. To answer some emails, yes according to sources Mary will be prosecuted. I doubt that she will actually see trial as she will most likely squeal and squeal loudly.

Now for the fallout.

Her capture is key because of her connections to other key democrats. As Washington insiders know, no one 'politics' in a vaccuum, just as it was impossible that no one in Washington circles didn't know of Valerie Plame's job, so too Mary Loose Lips didn't have to look too far for pass information to.

James Lewis in American Thinker notes this interesting tidbit about this case:

"Mary McCarthy is the fourth Clinton NSC member to assault the Bush White House. Ms. McCarthy, who was dismissed for leaking national security secrets to the press, is not the first Clintonite to undermine and assault the Bush White House. The biggest raging bulls attacking the White House have been former Clinton National Security characters.

Mary McCarthy was one. So was Joe Wilson – and his wife Val Plame, who presumably cooked up the phony Niger uranium documents scam, which now has Scooter Libby facing jailtime. Then we had Richard Clarke, who ran interference for the Clintonistas during the 9/11 Commission hearings, so that Clinton’s criminal neglect of Osama Bin Laden was somehow “overlooked.” The media never cites those Clinton connections. Joe Wilson is always “Ambassador,” but never “Clinton appointee.”

Then we have Sandy Burglar himself, of course. And Mary makes four.

These folks are not just loyal old Clintonistas. They are also auditioning for the second eight years of Clinton II."

I have told you from the beginning that the Plame Game wasn't about anything else except to shut down and discredit the Bush Administration - from Day One. An elaborate apparatus of politicians, staffers, and MSM reporters, have conspired for the last five years to attack President Bush.

Mary is only the beginning - the four from the NSC - only a small group of a total cabal of others still in operation. Mary's discovery is a real setback and could spell doom not only for the careers of many still working in the NSC, FBI, CIA, but also in the Senate, House.

The tenacles of treason that were attached to Mary are still being discovered and I'm hear to tell you that even I am surprised. Yet those who have followed the Plame Game story know the characters of which I speak of.

Andy McCarthy over at the Corner sees the situation - and connections correctly.

"McCarthy’s situation cannot be considered in a vacuum. Even with McCarthy considered alone, we are not talking about a single leak – the reporting indicates that she may be a serial leaker, the black-sites story being only the most prominent instance. But the broader context here is an intelligence community that was, quite brazenly, leaking in a manner designed to topple a sitting president. A big question here -- maybe not for purposes of guilt under the espionage act, but for the more important policy issue of a politicized CIA -- is whether she was part of a campaign that was grossly inappropriate for the intelligence community to engage in.

Remember Michael Scheuer, aka “Anonymous.” It is simply dumbfounding that, as an intelligence officer heading up the bin Laden team (i.e., the unit targeting the number one, active national security problem facing the country) he was permitted by the CIA to write books about what he was doing. He has indicated, though, that it was fine with the agency as long as he was slamming the Bush administration.

Valerie Plame Wilson thought the whole Bush administration notion that Saddam was trying to arm up with nukes was crazy. She maneuvered to have, not an objective analyst, but her husband – with no WMD expertise but an enemy of the president’s policy – sent to Niger, whence he returned and wrote a highly partisan, misleading and damaging op-ed in the NYTimes about the Bush administration’s case for toppling Saddam … which op-ed he was permitted by the self-same CIA to write notwithstanding that his trip was (and should have been) classified.

All the while, there has been a steady drumbeat from the former intelligence officers – who anonymously fill Seymour Hersh books when they are not venting their spleens on the record – attacking every aspect of the administration’s handling of the war on terror.

This has all been steady since 9/11. But it was especially frenetic in the run-up to the 2004 election (and the flavor of it ran throughout the 9/11 Commission hearings and, to a somewhat more muted extent, in the Commission’s final report). The transparent purpose of it was to get Senator Kerry elected.

Now we find that an intelligence officer who was leaking information very damaging to Bush was a Kerry backer to a degree that was extraordinary for a single person on a government salary, and, even more extraordinarily, gave $5K of her own money to Democrats in the key swing state (Ohio) that, in the end, did actually decide the election.

From where I sit, that’s pretty damn relevant."

It's going to be a bang of a Summer indeed!

UPDATE: Mary Loose Lips - the label fits. H/t AJ Strata.

UPDATE II: Per a commenter, Sweetness and Light with more on Mary Loose Lips campaign contributions.

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