Boycott ME? Boycott YOU!

In the spirit of Latinos boycotting us on May 1st, I submit that we "anglos" and other NON-Latinos boycott initiate boycott LATINO day.

1. Burn any Latino Music CD you own, email Latin music labels and tell them that because their artist don't support you, you will not support them any longer.

2. Boycott for 30 days any product of Mexico or other Latin Country, most of it isn't worth it anyway.

3. Print flyers stating for your community to boycott all latino businesses in your home town. When they bring their boycotting butts back to work on May 2nd, let them find no customers to buy their wares.

4. If you have Latino employees (legal or otherwise), and they walk on Monday, make it permanent. If you are in a right to work state like Florida, you can legally fire them without cause.

More suggestions coming...

So let the word out. Spread it to blogs. Someone create a logo, let's get a move on.

Boycott ME? Boycott YOU!

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