Ex-OP BS story REHASH with Eggs

Getting a few emails on my take on Tyler (Tiny) Drumheller's interview on 60 Minutes sunday night.

My take? old news, and not even fair and balanced this time around.

This is the old rehash from last year about Curveball and how the intel community - well, actually the rogue members of it - 'warned' the administration about his credibility. It's important to remember that there were IC members who didn't feel that way.

But if first you don't succeed. You see the MSM believes we're stupid and have small attention spans. Plus tiny has a book out. How surprising?

Fact is that that the doors are coming off the traitor express that these clowns have been riding the last four years.

Make no mistake, Porter isn't playing around and the mandate he has is at any cost - "Bring them in, bring them down". McCarthy is the beginning. Regardless of what you hear, charges will be brought against her. Which is why soon after her lawyer appeared trying to reverse history, she has begun to lay low.

Expect to see these criminals redouble their efforts to the extreme from here on out. Rehashing old stories - most debunked - and talking crazy like McGovern who is three fries short of a Happy Meal. It's going to be very entertaining to see them squirming and allegating and bloviating and frothing, just like an animal in it's death throws.

Folks the key to understanding this tale is the same old motive that drives most crime, "Money and Power". This "war" against this administration from the beginning has been all about regaining power and keeping illicit avenues of money flowing to the pockets of both corrupt politicians, as well as some both active and former ops (see here). Which is why I told you back here that's the reason that to them Bush has to go because he killed the Golden Goose.

But the push back is in full swing and when it's said and done and the soon to be coming frog marches of politicians, rogue ops, media figures, parade across our TV screens the American people are going to be shocked and awed that they have believed lie all this time. Moreover, that they were lied to by the "trusted" MSM who knew the true story all along.

My what a tangled web......