Guard the Borders Blogburst

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It's going to get ugly.

From the Christian Science Monitor:

"LOS ANGELES – In Los Angeles, Eun Sook Lee will march on behalf of Korean illegal immigrants, at least 50,000, living in southern California. On Boston Common, Punam Rogers will join other Indian émigrés, as well as business clients and students from China, Germany, and Britain. In Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Ivalier Duvra will take to the streets to draw attention to Haitian newcomers who he says need refugee status."

My wife is Korean, born and raised. Came here with me in 1982, waited the 3-years, took her test and got her citizenship. So what is the problem? Simply, she wasn't illegal. She didn't have to 'hide'.

"L.A.'s Ms. Lee says her major concern is law-enforcement sweeps through Korea-town, which have created a climate of fear in the immigrant community. Boston's Ms. Rogers says her priority is visa procedures for foreigners who come to America to study, which she says need to encourage the world's best and brightest to stay in America. Mr. Duvra says US refugee policy needs an overhaul."

Poor Ms. Lee, hiding from law enforcement sweeps just because she's an illegal immigrant.....tsk....

Just what in the hell are we talking about here. Our leaders had better get off their collective asses on this issue and quick.

We are a nation of laws and we expect our nation to enforce those laws. Not weasel around them and water them down and make them of no effect.

In short - It's about Security Stupid!