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Jill Carroll Released - But from what? - II

Continuing the Jill Carroll saga. No, this isn't an "apology". Questioning is what I've done for a living for many years. If something smells funny it usually means I've cut one, or a skunk is running about. I know my smell, this smells like a skunk - sue me.

Now a few thoughts....

First, let the self-righteous and correcting bloggers stand down. Contrary to popular opinion, challenging the story is good journalism. In fact some did and still do.

By the way, the Kurtz article, howbeit written before Carroll's retraction, still brings up many interesting questions.

Again, the CVSA analysis I hope to have done in the next few days of the video will give some more insightIn my opinion, and from what I've learned over the last two days those jumping on the "Yay Jill" bandwagon might want to get retractions prepared.

Secondly, I'm perfectly willing to give her the benefit of the doubt, except for the fact that it is confirmed that she did resist intitial contact with military officials (a point she denies). She only cooperated once she was 'convinced' by some ops that resistance was futile. I do find it interesting that her statement came so quickly and so "well done" on the heals of her previous statements. Not that I question the recanting, but the timing is interesting.

I also find it interesting that people would find it 'offensive' that someone would question the political views of Jill. Others that have found that questioning important when dealing with others, While still othersfind it unimportant now. A point I find interesting.


Then there is still the subject that if she was being held, then held by whom? As the fact is that three of here captors have been in Iraqi custody since January. Word is that they have an entirely different story of events than what was put out, and that her whereabouts were entirely acknowledged since that time.

So before everyone organizes the parade and stikes up the band, I'm continuing to talk with those who DO know something about the circumstances. I'm here to tell you, at this point all is not as it seems.

More balanced thoughts at Blogs for Bush.


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