Rockefeller did you "teller?"- XIV - Fun with Ray McGovern

Ex-CIA rogue Ray McGovern was interviewed by Jim Lehrer on the News Hour last night, along with former CIA Deputy Director Richard Kerr.

Ray is everything wrong about the agency and one of the best example of "rogue" you will ever find. In fact, he is the godfather of rogue.

So want to see the "God Complex" in action?

Jim begins first with Kerr:

" Mr. Kerr, should Mary McCarthy have been fired for what she did?

RICHARD KERR, Former Deputy Director of Central Intelligence: Yes, I believe so.

JIM LEHRER: Do you agree, Mr. McGovern?

RAY MCGOVERN, Former CIA Analyst: Yes, but that's only part of the story.

JIM LEHRER: What's the other part?

RAY MCGOVERN: Well, we need to create a context here.

JIM LEHRER: OK. All right.

RAY MCGOVERN: We're not talking about petty crimes or misdemeanors; we're talking about war crimes. She was cognizant of war crimes. She needed to do something about that, from a moral and a legal perspective. And she chose this way to do it, because the other ways were blocked for her. (Note this the VIPS M.O. - the President is a criminal...yada, yada....Cheney and the cabal...yada, yada).

JIM LEHRER: What are the rules, Mr. Kerr, that govern the contact of CIA officers with the press that Mary McCarthy violated?

RICHARD KERR: Well, I think any officer needs the permission and the authority of the leadership of the organization. This is not -- it's kind of historically been the case where individual officers cannot make the choices about who they talk to in the press or what they reveal in the press. These are decisions that are made by the public affairs people and, most directly, by the leadership of the organization.

And I would disagree with Ray, by the way, who happens to be an old friend and colleague. It's not at all clear to me that his description of the activity is fitting.

But, in any case, I would say it is not her role to -- as a junior officer, you argue against the policies or you argue against activity, as it's being developed. There's all kinds of ways to go through the organization to make your feelings known, to give your views of it. And I think going out independently, with that kind of discipline, no intelligence organization can work that way."

Kerr is clear. McCarthy isn't authorized to talk to anyone about classified information - much less the media. If she had a beef she had the chain of command. She didn't go there because she knew full well what effect she was after.

Notice that Kerr pulls away from Moonbat McGovern? Kerr served with Ray and like others who worked with him know him as the loose cannon, opinionated idiot he is. Even more than that, they know he's a crazy man. A very dangereous crazy man.

Skillfully, Jim then gets Ray to admit to his psychosis:

"JIM LEHRER: Do you agree in principle with that? And we'll get back to your point earlier about what avenues were open to her if she felt the way she did.

RAY MCGOVERN: I think, Jim, this was an exceptional case.

JIM LEHRER: An exceptional case?

RAY MCGOVERN: Yes, really an exceptional case. Never before, in my experience for 27 years in the agency, was I aware of war crimes. Now, we're talking about serious things here, and her...

JIM LEHRER: And you're talking about, in her case...

RAY MCGOVERN: I'm talking about torture...

JIM LEHRER: ... the allegation that she gave the Washington Post information about these so-called prison camps in Eastern Europe?


JIM LEHRER: And if she knew that, and she wanted to do something about it as a CIA professional, her only avenue was, in your...



RAY MCGOVERN: ... I assume that she went through the proper channels. She was working for the inspector general, but the inspector general, however...

JIM LEHRER: The agency's inspector general, right.

RAY MCGOVERN: Yes, he's supposed to be independent, but he's really a creature of the director. And the director marches down with the vice president to try to persuade Senator McCain to create an exception so that the CIA can torture people.

And so she's faced with a situation that's real. The director is in favor of torture. And their only other recourse is Congress. And Congress, the oversight committees -- I hate to say this, but it's a joke.

She can't get any redress from Pat Roberts. I call him Patsy Roberts, because he's a patsy for the administration. Pete Hoekstra, he criticized."

McGovern is following the "defense motion" that McCarthy went to the media to report "crimes against humanity" because she had no where to go. Thus - a hero.

Kerr counters the opposite. She was out of bounds - and should have resigned if she had a beef. Thus by speaking to the media she undermined our security thus she is a traitor.

"JIM LEHRER: Sure. Well, that's where I was going to go is, let's assume, for discussion purposes only here, because we don't know -- nobody knows exactly what happened. But then let's say she exhausted whatever avenues were available to her within the agency and get to Mr. McGovern's point that, once having done that, what could she do about something that she felt so strongly about? What else could she have done?

RICHARD KERR: Well, my view of -- she should have resigned.

JIM LEHRER: Resigned?

RICHARD KERR: And then she should have argued against the policy, but not to provide information on a classified basis that she had an obligation to protect. If every individual or senior officer in CIA decides they're going to make the judgments of what policies or what activities the CIA are appropriate on their own, as an individual, you have an organization that cannot function.

After all, CIA functions as an organization that does illegal things overseas. That's its business, collecting information. It does it not on the international law; it does it under U.S. law. So I don't think you can have this significant lapse in discipline."

Ray then goes on and on explaining the "greater good" crap. You can read the rest - if you can stomach this puke. This guy probably has a Bush and Cheney doll and sits home sticking pins in it. Talk about deranged. Forget the fact that the "Secret Prison" story is on it's face baseless as to this date no one has found any evidence of such a thing. Yet that's the script the Ray and the VIPS and the rest of their cabal in the MSM have read since the beginning of the war.

Fact is that they are scared to death. Mary's discovery and coming prosecution is only the beginning. More 'discoveries' and firings, and prosecutions are coming, to include possible arrests for former spookes who have a god complex. I told you the gloves are off. The house is infected with rats and the traps that were set when Goss came to town are beginning to go off.

So I say keep yapping yer trap Ray, and Larry. You know for whom the bell tolls....?

UPDATE: Mary gets the Cobb.