Rockefeller did you "teller" - XVII - Profit under the Palms

The most excellent Douglas Hanson of American Thinker reinforces the theme of my previous post with an article that shows that the war against Bush isn't about just a difference of opinion.

"There have been many indicators since the Iraq War started that the CIA’s internal war against the administration is much more than ideological. For some in the CIA, the Global War on Terror is not just about the struggle for democracy and freedom to protect our national interest."

Since last year when I got into the Plame Game and began to contact people back at the farm about what in the heck was going on I was told that this whole thing was much more than met the eyes. Again, supporting the Iraq regime made a lot of people very wealthy. Small wonder that so many "ideologs" have been in opposition, less of a wonder why they are running so scared now.

I can't tire of telling you how important it is that Mary Loose Lips has been brought down. More than just a random 'discovery' - she is the key to the lock. Guys at the agency and the DOJ knew exactly where to target - and they hit it dead on. In the coming days you will see why Senator Rockefeller HAD to make such an emergency visit to Syria in 2002. For a little tip, read here.

Read Doug's article, and remember - "Bang of a Summer."

UPDATE: Sorry for the link to the Italian news article - old link in a spreadsheet. Anyway, good old AJ did some of the footwork, so check out his take . His summation is correct. Also I located this post from FR with this chart that positions things nicely.

A little more insight to the Rocky Factor is contained here.

Now you know why Rockefeller - "teller".

UPDATE II: Clarice Feldman's American Thinker article from December of 2005, with additional background and definitely worth a read as well.

Which reminds me to give thanks for the wealth of work others have done along with myself to uncover the truth about what these traitors to our country have been pulling on the American people over years. Keep up the faith and the hardwork!