United 93 - Not forgetting to remember

I plan on seeing United 93 when it comes out, I think we all should.

However, not all feel that way as it seems that the trailer has caused some controversy with some movie goers in LA and NYC shouting "Too soon!" during it's airing.

But there is as with everything - more to the story. Quite frankly, ever since 9/11 happened there has been a lot of resistance (especially on the left) not to remember it, except on the anniversary, and then only sporatically.

For instance, even though the MSM doesn't mind showing a road side bomb taking out US service persons, they won't show the events of 9/11. You simply don't see the pictures of the plains flying into the WTC. This 'phobia' began soon after as the pictures were too traumatic, or "Inflamatory" by so-called experts (mostly muslim experts). Still others just after 9/11 told us that the pictures 'instigated anger' towards Muslims or better yet, insulted them.

On the United 93 movie site, director Paul Greenberg's statement gives me a tip to why you will probably see the MSM play the "too soon?" card more and more every day.

"By a quirk of fate Flight 93 was delayed on the runway at Newark airport for 45 minutes. By the time it was airborne, the other three planes had reached their intended targets. As a result, the fourty passengers and crew on board Flight 93 were the first to inhabit our new and terrifying post 9/11 world.

The terrible dilemma those passengers faced is the same we have been struggling with ever since. Do we sit passively and hope this all turns out to be okay? Or do we fight back and strike at them before they strike at us? And what will be the consequences if we do?"

Since 9/11 there have been many who have tried to hide the significance of that day. To convince us that it was just an isolated incident that won't repeat. Still others would have us believe our own Government played a part. I place them in the same category as those whom committed the acts - the world has no need for either.

But most of the emphasis - especially from the left - have tried to hide the fact that radical islamic thugs want us dead. Fact is for not the courage of President Bush and the men and women who have given their lives protecting us there hasn't been a repeat attack since.

You see the GWOT isn't just about Bin Laden, or Al Qaeda - they are merely the vessels by which this satanic belief system of death and destruction works through, just as it worked through 19 cowards on 9/11. The present administration understands that. We're not just killing the cockroaches - we're taking down the entire building where they live.

Radical Islam will not be silenced until every vestige of their seed is wiped off the face of the earth. This isn't a five minute war - it's going to take a long time. But unless we allow the chicken shits of the left to rule, we'll win it.

By their hand, 9/11 will repeat sooner or later. God forbid.

The fact is that many on the left will hate this movie because it threatens them would have us forget that day and reminds the rest of us that yes, we had better strike before being struck. In a word "Preemption", another tatic the left hates. They would rather give aid and comfort (and secrets) to our enemies in the hope that they would see the light of Nirvana.

Had those in power during the 90s acted instead of reacted (or just ducked), 9/11 wouldn't have happened, or would have been avoided all together.

This movie should upset us, remind us, and inflame us and also motivate us to take our collective asses out of our duffle bags lest it happens again.

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