Tuesday, January 03, 2006


NSA - Keeping on the point

Take a look at Clarice Feldman's new article in American Thinker, Laughable claims about the NSA “Scandal”. Important as the disinformation machine of the MSM has been in overdrive since the New York Times began printing the leaked information on December 16th, 2005.

However, as a Washington DC based attorney she also brings up this important point I've been harping on for serveral posts to wit: That leaking classified information to the MSM is illegal:

In her article Clarice notes:

"5 U.S.C. 1213 sets up the procedures by which federal whistleblowers are to proceed.

Complaints are to be filed with the Office of Special Counsel. If they are found to be of merit and they involve “foreign intelligence or counterintelligence information” and disclosure of information described in the complaint is “prohibited by law or by Executive order, the Special Counsel shall transmit such information to the National Security Advisor, the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence of the House of Representatives, and the Select Committee on Intelligence of the Senate."

The point that keeps getting missed - and as of this morning with James Risen doing rounds on the talk shows to promote his leaked material, is that there are specific laws that relate to devulging classified information and that they were broken here.

Whistleblowers are NOT protected if they "Blow the whistle" out of bounds to the Media. There is a chain of command and procedures so that the integrity of the classified information is kept in tack.

Mr. Risen, or any other reporter isn't on anyone's chain of command. Seeing him on the Today Show today shows just how arrogant and quite frankly stupid the MSM has become. Does Risen realize he may well (and sources tell me it could happen, and in fact the DOJ is looking into the possibilty) be charged with devulging classified information? Folks, I've told you before, the President of the United States has ordered "Heads on a Platter". You can bet it's going to happen.

UPDATE: Could it be that dealing with national security the left is only operating with half a brain?

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