MSM - Giving it up for the Bad Guys

Here is where the Mainstream Media is today in the quality of reporting.

Michelle Malkin has links to the sappy press coverage of Dictator Saddam Hussein's trial today.

Speaking of CIA MSM mouthpieces, check out CNN's Christiane Amanpour story today. Seems she's worried that the "frail old tryrant" isn't going to get a fair deal. Longing for those days in the Palace eh, Christiane?

Note, this is the same MSM that has Rove and Libby in shackles breaking rocks and Cheney "hung at Sunrise" before anyone has been (if anyone will be) charged.

More at Brent Baker's blog (a regular read of mine every day!).

UPDATE: More of the Puff via AP - "Saddam still has his Swagger!"