Thursday, February 23, 2006


Able Danger - Out of Gas?


"In his Washington D.C. office last Thursday, a slightly tired Rep. Curt Weldon (R-Pa) was lamenting to Canada Free Press the ongoing suppression of Able Danger.

Eric Kleinsmith and two colleagues had given testimony in open session before the House Armed Services Committee the day before.

Weldon said that he had found it demoralizing that sincere witnesses, who had turned out for the hearings in full military dress, had been identified on committee papers as "only Mr."

In 1999 and 2000, "Mr.’s" like the then-Major Kleinsmith was chief of intelligence for the U.S. Army’s Land Information Warfare Activity at Ft. Belvoir, VA. and was finding huge success with data mining used to support a top secret unit of Special Operations Command that subsequently pinpointed al-Qaeda cells around the world–code name "Able Danger".

As Weldon has been trying to flag the western world, Able Danger, through computer scanning of some 2.5 terabytes of classified and unclassified data, identified five "nodes" of active al-Qaeda intelligence–long before 9/11. One of the nodes identified was active in Brooklyn, N.Y. Another was in the faraway port of Aden, Yemen, where the USS Cole was attacked.

But Able Danger and the intelligence it discovered have been withering on the vine due to lack of interest.

"Neither my own party nor the Democrats want to hear the truth about Able Danger," Weldon ruefully told CFP."

I know how Weldon feels. I used to blow some pretty big whistles myself - still do from time to time. But like I said, NOBODY wants to discuss this any further. As I was told, We're not talking about yesterday anymore."

I also told you before, "they" let Weldon have his hearings - but that's about it. Word: "Let's just give him some damned hearings and he'll shut up!" He won't - it's not in Weldon's blood to give up in what he believes in.

But the fact is that the story simply isn't going to get any further tractions except via blogs and Weldon himself.

"Meanwhile the feisty one-man force behind Able Danger and its red flag on 9/11, may be down but he’s not out.

"I’ll never give up. I just can’t," were the last words he said to CFP."

It's good to have you on the team Curt - hang in there!

UPDATE: AJ Strata with details of a conference call with Curt along with other bloggers.

AJ comments: "Weldon is surprised at the push back he is getting now. It seems the DoD has convinced themselves they have fixed the problems. In my opinion they are in denial because the excuses they give make no sense."

Again, the reason I cannot participate in the conference calls is it would compromise my contacts who are high enough up on the food chain enough to relay that Weldon is truly "Fighting City Hall". In fact, the challenge for Weldon's seat this year is so related. Then again, the "purge" story sold well.

Again, I wish him the best.

Check out Able Danger Blog for more. Also Capt Ed.

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