More Port "Absurdity" - II

Continuing this post, AJ Strata notes the tide is turning on the Port non=issue:

"The tide is shifting under all those who ran to the cameras or spouted off uninformed about the UAE company Dubai Ports World as more and more people research the topic seriously. Sister Toldjah has the best round up of recent, factual writing on this. From the revelations much of the hype is bought and paid for by contributions from some unions and a US competitor to Dubai Ports World, to surgical debunking of the myths surrounding this subject by Dick Meyers of CBS. If you read anything today read her path from doubter to supporter."

The tide is turning because the "hubbub" was much to do about nothing. But in the process while those who balked said this was an outrage to our national security interests, in fact caused yet another national secruity secret to be splashed across headlines all over the world.

Via this reprort from MSNBC:

"Separately, the Associated Press reported that under a secretive agreement with the administration, the United Arab Emirates company promised to cooperate with U.S. investigations as a condition of its takeover of operations at the six major American ports.

Oh well, what the hell, what has "national secrets" got to do with it anyway, right Jay?

Incidently, have you noticed that lately the MSM and the left has succeeded in making "national secrets" a dirty thought?

"Secrets? SECRETS??? Bush evil! Bush Nazi! Facism! "We need to have this all open! We need to have ALL OUR SECRETS EXPOSED, because Bush is a incompetent boob and he's trying to sell this country up the river!"

The fact is that Democrats like Schumer and Clinton are up in arms because the AFL-CIO has them in their back pockets and ordered them to "bark" and loudly, so their motivations are clear. Others of the far right haven't given me one reason except the Ann Coulter "Well, they're ragheads right?" reason. Sorry Levin, you may talk "national security" concerns, but the message is "racism". Again, still waiting for a valid argument - and don't quote me about a 9/11 hijacker used an ATM there" crap. Give me some substantive reason. I've got a feeling I won't see a thing.

Let's be clear again. This deal has NOTHING to do with security of the ports folks. NOTHING. Never did. This is about OPERATION not CONTROL. Again, the UAE will NOT CONTROL OUR PORTS. Is that clear?

"Responding to the onslaught of criticism, Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez emphasized Wednesday that “they are not in charge of security. We are not turning over the security of our ports. When people make statements like that you get an instant emotional reaction.”

Yeah, and emotion over intellect = unstable. Sadly that's all that is driving this is emotion. That's what is driving the cartoon thuggery as well - emotion NOT intellect.

I'm sorry, I'm calling this like it is. Democrats are full of it on the issue - they still suck at national security. Those on the right balking at this are suffing from "I wanna be a MSM pundit" syndrome. I'm not saying that some concerns of some in the beginning weren't valid, but there is enough information out now to tell us that this deal was complete vetted and that it is actually good for us in many more ways that it's bad.

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