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NSA - The Media Circus of Words

If you haven't noticed there are certain words that the MSM, and the left are using to describe the NSA Surveillance Program. The "Spy" angle didn't work with middle America so the folks at Newsweak have come up with a few more:

"The attorney general of the United States was playing rope-a-dope. Why, the senators wanted to know, did the White House circumvent a law passed by Congress, the 1978 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which requires intelligence services to obtain search warrants before intercepting international communications inside the United States? Alberto Gonzales was evasive and bland. Speaking in legalisms, he offered few details about the National Security Agency's sweeping post-9/11 eavesdropping program. After a series of senatorial questions had gone essentially unanswered, Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont interjected, "Of course, I'm sorry, Mr. Attorney General, I forgot: you can't answer any questions that might be relevant to this."

Well at least not to , who knows who he would tell? But I digress.

Notice the word "circumvent", which is irresponsible journalism at best, hackery at worst. It hasn't been shown that anyone circumvented anything. Isokoff and his pals must be confused in the way that they "circumvent" to get stories. Even in some cases "inventing" them.

Words aside, on to the article's "absolute" defining of the FISA Act, which Newsweak says that, "reguires intelligence services to obtain search warrants". Yet also notice the ommission of 1801; 1802, explained here, which makes a good case for the absolute legality of the program. At least Jimmy Carter used to think so. We know that Clinton believed so. Heck, he tapped crack addicts.

More important is how this "scare crow" of a story is putting the rest of us in danger. Iran is drawing a line in the sand, to which we - thanks to yet another leak of classified information - now know that that the US may attack them.

Then there is the rest of radical islam that wants to recreate the world in ten-century imagery (that the MSM is 'afraid to show', killing us 'infidels' all the way. Not withstanding the absolute threat of Hillary running for President in 2008, and you can see that there are FAR more dangerous things that the media could be looking at than disassociated blurry pictures. But then again, was we know, the MSM are part of the problem as well.

"The sessions were apparently not very revealing. Even congressional lead-ers who had been briefed all along on the NSA program have complained to NEWSWEEK that they were largely kept in the dark about the real workings of the program. There has been some talk about getting a new law specifically to authorize the NSA's warrantless eavesdropping"

Well, we know all about that "complaining", that's what has Rocky in such hot water. That brings to mind another word - Traitor.


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