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Jill Carroll Released - But from what?

Apparently Jill Carroll has been released. For that we may all be thankful. Thankful that is, IF this story has real merit.

I have my doubts. Those doubts were really fueled when this story reported that Jill might have been rescued back in January, a story I couldn't get confirmation on, but was "curious'.
As I noted back here, something just isn't right about this story. I'm not the only one who's feelers are tingling.

Again, if my suspicions are correct, this wouldn't be the first time a kidnapping has been faked for political points.

Therefore it is going to be interesting to see her interviews in the next few days to see what she says about her captors.

Stay tuned there may be more to the story...

UPDATE: There IS more to the story. I'm still weeding through additional information from some folks who know, but for a little more back ground here is a taste from another blogger. He's close.

UPDATE II: Jawa Report has a video of Carroll taken just before her release. Yet:

"It appears that the video was shot in two sittings over a period of time. In the second portion of the video, Jill Carroll seems much less enthused about what she is saying and does not have the smile and other expressions of the first segment.

In it Jill Carroll seems more than eager to give the 'correct' answers asked by her captors. It's quite sickening some of the answers she gives, but understandable under the circumstances. But, before you accuse Jill of being a victim of Stockholm Syndrome, keep in mind that she was under duress.

For instance, Jill Carroll can be heard saying that the CIA and Americans were not as smart as the mujahidin given the fact that they were unable to rescue her. That her ordeal made it clear that the mujahidin would win the war in the end. She wants the American people to understand the mujahidin as they really are, and not the lies they hear in the media about them being terrorists, etc. The mujahidin are only trying to defend their country, etc. President bush needs to stop this war, etc.....

Very scripted, very much what you would expect the terrorists wanted to hear. No word about the translator these people murdered"


As a commentor noted: "I heard Howard Fineman say {on Imus, this morning] that Jill Carroll was going to be an important player politically, as well as journalistically. That comment put my antennae up,& now you have given me the answer as to why Fineman made that comment. Interesting days ahead, huh?"

Yeah....very interesting.

Update III: Fellow milblogger T-bone agrees:

"As I predicted in one of my earlier posts, Jill Carroll is back alive and well. I feel strongly that the kidnapping was a total scam. I saw her interview today and decided once again that she is a liar. She appeared happy-go-lucky despite being held captive and witnessing her interpreter get murdered. Her words and mannerisms in the interview showed classic signs of deception. I don't feel like breaking it down for you, but suffice it to say that she is full of merde. She refused to be debriefed, and refused to take a military flight out of country. If she doesn't write a book, I'll eat my hat."

Come on, anyone else see it?

UPDATE IV: Errr, she wasn't "raped"
she said so. Sheeeh....'victimized'......cripes...

Coming attractions: By the way, how does a hostage stay in touch with her editor while in 'captivity'?.....

More eyes open at Debbie Schlusser.

UPDATE V: I've been reviewing the The Mujahideen Interview Jill Carroll tape linked here at LGF. I'm also going to get a voice pattern analysis done by a friend of mine, but in all the years I handled interviews (trained in neuro-linguistic programming) and interrogations I've never seen such a relaxed and calm "victim". In particular The last part of the interview I noted is striking and by the way, very few people laugh when making statements under "duress".

"Voice: Do you have a message for Mr. Bush?

Carroll: (Laughs)Yeah, he needs to stop this war. He knows this war is wrong. He knows that it was illegal from the very beginning. He knows that it was built on a mountain of lies and I think he needs to finally admit that to the American people and make the troops go home and he doesn’t care about his own people."

More to come...


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