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Katrina Brown - Tried to be a zero. winded up a hero

My my, what a difference six months makes when it's not who you are, but WHOM you are talking about.

CNN six months ago referred to ex-FEMA director (hold the mayo) Brown as an idiot "horse trader" who had no business getting the job.

NOW he's a hero and running the talk show circuit.

Brent Baker, of Newsbusters recaps Bill Sammon of of the Washington Examiner lashing out at colleagues in the MSM for their hypocrisy and outright journalistic malfeasance.

"The media at all levels on Wednesday pounced on video released by the AP of government conference calls held as Hurricane Katrina hit last August, with most stories portraying them as containing a smoking gun about how President Bush was warned about potential levee failure. But as FNC's Brit Hume noted on his show Thursday night, the video, which MSNBC's Hardball hyped Wednesday as “breaking news,” was hardly any such thing, or “confidential video” as the AP hyped, since the video was made public at the time and the sessions were open to the press.

During Hume's panel segment, Bill Sammon, fresh to the Washington Examiner from the Washington Times, excoriated his press corps colleagues for “journalistic fraud” as well as “disingenuous” and "bogus" reporting. Referring to the video of a meeting President Bush participated in from his Texas ranch, Sammon charged: “It's held out today and yesterday as almost a smoking gun. I would say not only is it not a smoking bun gun, it's actually a journalistic fraud for some of the reasons you've outlined where they suggested it was ‘confidential' videotape where it wasn't. It was open press. Also, they make Max Mayfield out to sound like he was sounding the alarm bells when clearly he was ambivalent in the extreme....So, to suggest that was the warning that Bush should have heeded and didn't, is disingenuous in the extreme.” Sammon also took on the press for denigrating Michael Brown as an incompetent, but now they want to “rehabilitate him because he's now willing to trash the Department of Homeland Security....This is disingenuous of the mainstream media to suddenly rehabilitate Michael Brown for their own political purposes."

As more and more gets discovered about how the AP formed a "hack job" for political purposes, once again the MSM - as it was in Rathergate - get's it's bias caught with it's pants around it's ankles.

But now CNN has elevated Brown's stature from outright idiot to "Super Whistle Blower" giving him the pulpit to "demand" that Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff resign:

"WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The former federal emergency director who resigned after the heavily criticized response to Hurricane Katrina admitted Friday that he should been more forthcoming about problems with the government's response to the storm but faulted the performance of his former boss, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, and called for his resignation.

Michael Brown, the former director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, was well aware of that his agency was overwhelmed during the immediate aftermath of the storm, he told CNN, but blamed a "beltway" mentality that believes that "the American public can't handle the truth" for not making his concerns about the response public.

"I should have owned up to the public very early in this disaster -- probably on Monday and Tuesday -- that's how catastrophic it was, how serious it was, and that we were going to have problems," Brown said."

I wasn't on the "Kill Brown" bandwagon just after Katrina.

The reality is that a Category 3/4 Hurricane hit a city 7 feet under sea water, and how an incompetent mayor and a even more incompetent State Governor and Senator failed to properly follow procedures. No matter how many times the MSM tries to re-write history, it won't change the fact that.

I hope Brown discovers that once CNN and the rest of the drive-by press get's through using him to get Bush, he will be yesterday's news - but I doubt it. You know....bright lights and fame and all.

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