Plame Game - Missing the Point

Per Drudge:

"THE WASHINGTON POST's famous Watergate editor Ben Bradlee claims that it was former State Department Deputy Secretary Richard Armitage who was the individual who leaked the identity of CIA official Valerie Plame.

In the latest issue of VANITY FAIR: "Woodward was in a tricky position. People close to him believe that he had learned about Plame from his friend Richard Armitage, Colin Powell's former deputy, who has been known to be critical of the administration and who has a blunt way of speaking. 'That Armitage is the likely source is a fair assumption,' former WASHINGTON POST editor Ben Bradlee said."

'I had heard about an e-mail that was sent that had a lot of unprintable language in it.'"


First, I'm over this - there was NO leak. Valerie Plame/Wilson was NOT covert - thus no leak of a covert identity could take place. How much clearer does this have to be? Fitzgerald found nothing to convict on the orignal charge. Libby's in trouble for fibbing...and that's shaky at best.

If Armitage is the leaker (and I have my doubts), still it would prove the point. Armitage is no dope and wouldn't throw a 30 year foreign service career in the crapper or risk jail if Plame had been convert in anyway shape or form.

Simply put whomever the "leaker" was, it doesn't matter. There was NO crime committed. At best they simply were attempting to save this country from a fraud of such magnitude that IT in ITSELF should be the story - not the NON story of a desk jocky getting her dress pulled above her head.

The connective dots between a certain player's plan - as well as some other players who "set up" the show in the beginning are going to be the next great revelation. This is why the upcoming trial of Libby is so key.

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UPDATE: Tom McGuire weighs in.

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